Friday Fragments already

Friday Fragments?

If you haven’t yet joined in on Friday Fragments (hosted by Half Past Kissin’ Time), today is a great day to do it.  After reading my post, why not meander over to her place and check out some of the other great fragmenters?

***Sam accidentally broke our camera last weekend; he was messing around and dropped it, and the screen shattered.  I had hoped that it might still take pictures and that I would just have to actually look through the lens and hope I got a good shot, but no, that isn’t working out.  I am actually pretty sad about this; it was the first digital camera I have ever had, and I just can’t afford to replace it.  Damn it to hell.  Do you all know how much Owen and Co. are going to GROW, and you won’t even be privy to it?

***Speaking of growing, Eli is going to a friend’s house tonight to watch movies.  This friend is a girl, and there are six other people going as well.  I asked him if this was a girlfriend, and he said, “Not yet, but tonight might be the night I get up enough guts to ASK her.”  I can’t believe he is actually thinking about possibly maybe asking a girl out.  He is definitely growing up.

***Me, I just keep growing out.  A friend of mine bought some chocolate stars and actually sent them to work with me so as to remove temptation from her house.  Wasn’t that thoughtful?  I found that I quite like to stick one in my mouth and then take a sip of hot coffee, and the chocolate gets all soft and melty…..sigh.  No wonder my pants don’t fit anymore.

***I would really like to know what Anne Lamott thinks about President Obama.  I have been re-reading all of my books by her (because she is my best friend, she just doesn’t know it), and she wrote several anti-Bush books, so I am curious to know what her thoughts about the new Prez. are.  If any of you have an in with her, could you ask her and let me know?  Also on this same subject, I wonder a little bit if I should be concerned that I really and honestly believe that we (Anne Lamott and I) would  be friends if we knew each other.  I also obsess a little bit about how I might go about meeting her.  Clearly I have more than one screw loose.  And have a few stalkerish tendencies.

***As the weather gets cooler, the bar business starts heating up.  Walking to the office from my car this morning, I saw two broken bar glasses, a couple of empty beer bottles, a mostly-empty cake box, and a pair of underwear. Before you know it, I will be walking over frozen puke; ah, winter, she is on her way.

***Thank you all for your thoughts on my post yesterday.  I have decided that I am not going to decide anything today, but will instead think of all your words, pray about it, and trust that the exact right answer for everyone will come.  Hannah has already taken herself out of the equation, so that is one problem solved. 

For more Friday Fragments fun, you know what to do.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fragments already

  1. Friday Fragments sounds way better than Miscellaneous Hodge Podge….I think I’ll change my title and join in on the fun!

    I think I’ll go find my Dove chocolate supply and grab myself a cup of coffee….thanks alot! 😉
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..Miscellaneous Hodge Podge =-.

  2. Oy. I’m growing out as well. Halloween did me in and with Christmas around the corner, well, I just don’t know.

    So cute what Eli said about tonight and the girl. Exciting times being young 🙂

    Sorry about your camera. Too bad you didn’t have a cellphone 😉 jk

  3. Hey- don’t worry about the Anne Lamott being your best friend thing. We all feel that way about authors we love.
    I am SO sorry about your camera. A broken lens will probably not heal itself.
    Happy Friday!
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..Ay-Yi-Yi =-.

    • @Ms. Moon, No, I had hoped that it would be like yours, or like Jesus, just wake up healed and alive, but alas, it didn’t happen…

      By the by, John Irving WOULD be my friend, too. I am sure of it.

  4. OK, I know I liked her book and all, but now I fucking hate Anne Lamott. I have best friend envy, because that’s supposed to be MY job. Why can’t you fantasize about OUR first meeting.

    Oh, well. I still love you.
    .-= April´s last blog ..My Super Mommy Powers =-.

  5. Hmm…very intrigued by your bar findings. I wonder if all of that belonged to the same people and, if so, what they’re evening must have been like. So many possibilities.

    • @Matt, See, there are so many possiblities that it has actually had me thinking about it today. My first thought was an engagement party-hence the cake, but if that explains the underwear as well, might be a rocky marriage. Broken glasses, the caek, and undies? A “Happy Divorce I need LAID” party. This could keep me wondering for days!

      Incidentally, I find it amusing that you are the first to comment on that particular fragment.

  6. Hey, how funny! Because I just finished my own re-read Grace, Eventually last night on the plane!! I’m getting ready to start Plan B. She soothes me.

    • @SJ, That is, of course, the order in which I read them; I finished Plan B last night! She soothes me, too, reminding me that no matter how nuts I am, I am loved anyway.

  7. I love Anne Lamott! I went to a book reading she had here some time ago and when it came time for her to autograph the book I held out to her, I was near tears.

    Eli has a giiiiirrrlfriend! No, no, no, he has to stay a kid just a bit longer.
    .-= Dingo´s last blog ..My Fat Mouth =-.

  8. I see that you and I are going to have to fight it out for Anne Lamott. 🙂

    No really, I daydream far too often about how great it would be to talk to her in person. You never know, it could happen!!! I hope it happens for you too. Because she’s just plain amazing.

    Now I’m curious to know if the girl (from the movie) party agreed to be Eli’s girlfriend!
    .-= Heather of the EO´s last blog ..A Plant Momaphor =-.

  9. Well at least I know where I left my underwear. I was getting a little worried there. Sorry to hear about your camera. Hopefully you can find a suitable replacement. And reading your fragment about Eli thinking about asking a girl out takes me back to my younger days. I think I spent 2 hours on the phone with a girl when I was in junior high before I summoned up the courage to ask her. How’s your basset doing? Take care.
    .-= Mr. Shife´s last blog ..Rookie Dad Journal Highlights (October) =-.

    • @Mr. Shife, The bassett is a wepaon of mass destruction. It is getting cold and she doesn’t like her dog condo, right? So she has been doing so well we thought we would leave her in one day last week. It looked like a tornado had hit the house. Like, I walked in and was so stunned that after I (ahem) kicked BOTH the dogs, all I could do was sit down and laugh. It was either that or cry.

      And does your wife KNOW you like pink thongs?

  10. Man I don’t have a camera either. I can;t afford to get one I have to use my crappy cell camera which is 10 x’s better than the old crappy cell camera.

    Man me and chocolate are the best of friends lately. I think I’m spending like $12 a week just on that. I could be using that to get a friggin camera.

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