How I ended Up With a Turkey

So I have been nursing a cold for some time now, and on Monday I kind of started feeling considerably non cold-like and more, I don’t know, fire in the chest and knives in the throat-ish.  Which is how I ended up in the grocery store on Monday night nearly in tears and completely incapable of making one.more.decision.  The checkout lady started telling me about some promotion thing where if you spend $25 or more you can get a turkey for eight dollars, and, well, I ended up with a 28 pound turkey for eight dollars.  Because I said IF there is $25 worth of stuff in this car and IF I don’t have to talk all the way back to the frozen food section to pick it out, sure.  So the bagger girl went over and picked me out the biggest goddamned turkey in the bin, and I put it in my cart and cried all the way home.  I don’t need a turkey; we aren’t going to be HOME on Thanksgiving, for god’s sake.  So.  We are eating turkey tonight, and will all be heartily sick of it by time Thanksgiving rolls around, all because I was feeling overwhelmed and was faced with one too many things to decide.  Good thing I wasn’t at McDonald’s, I would have ended up super-sizing everything and buying forty-eleven Hot! Apple! Pies!

So I have been having some odd feverish dreams and I sent Owen to daycare yesterday even though I didn’t go to work and stayed in bed all day long.  Except to make more tea.  My lips have tiny little fissures in them from, I guess, the fever and some slight dehydration.  Today I started on antibiotics and mucinex (which, okay, I get that I need to cough up this stuff so it doesn’t sit in my chest and give me pneumonia, but that mucinex stuff makes EVERYTHING runny and now my nose is bleeding from blowing it every 32 seconds), and last night I slathered on the Mentholatum and nestled under the electric blanket and slept like the dead.  Until I woke up at 3:30 coughing and coughing and do any of you get that terribly shaky feeling when you have coughed so hard you feel like your eyes are going to pop out?

Anyway.  I think I might have whined enough, and I really still don’t feel well at all.  I did my part and put the damn bird in the oven, and Steve is going to do whatever he needs to do to finish it up when he gets home from work.  Eli’s new girlfriend is coming over tomorrow (to decorate his room to ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance) so he is furiously cleaning up downstairs (he doesn’t know about the room thing, he just knows she is coming over) in order to impress her; I say never mind, let her see the mess and the chaos but oh well, I am not almost 16 with my first girlfriend.  Hannah’s classes this semester are a TANGO class and a scrap-booking class, which just makes me laugh.  In the tango class they are also doing a play and some ballroom dancing, and it counts as a speech credit.  I am not entirely sure WHAT the scrap-booking class is going to be a credit in, but whatever; she is excited, anyway, and it sort of makes up for no art or PE or any of those fun classes the other high school gets to offer.  Owen napped with me this afternoon for way too long, so I hope he sleeps tonight, and that has pretty much been the day here at Chez Jones. I am a little worried about work-I don’t have any more sick time, so if I can’t go tomorrow I will be missing three days on the next check-that is a scary thought.  So if the antibiotics kick in and the fever breaks, I will go even if I feel crappy. 

I thought I had something else to say, but that must be the fever talking; or the turkey, I don’t know.  Off to see if the popper thing haas, well, popped.


14 thoughts on “How I ended Up With a Turkey

  1. Aye aye aye Kori. It sucks to be sick. And grocery shopping when you’re sick? Like the 7th circle of hell. Or whatever it’s called.

    Glad you took Owen to daycare and got some rest. Hope you feel better soon.
    .-= michelle´s last blog ..Clear Like Glass =-.

  2. GAWD Kori, I hope you are feeling better today. Being sick SUCKS! We have it too; me and the boys – an icky cold. L was coughing all night and all congested-y, I have the knives in the throat and the running, constantly sneezing nose. All I have to say is it was a LOT easier to be sick before I had kids. How the hell are ya sposed to get better when you can’t just go home after work and go to sleep?

    I say good for you for sending Owen to daycare and just taking that day to sleep and rest. You gotta do it sometimes.

    Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. Kori,
    I was in the same boat on the sick time. Doesn’t that suck? And my cough has just hung on and on. It’s a dry cough now, but still annoying as shit.

    I hope you feel much, much, better tomorrow.

    Sending love, SB.

  4. Awww! I hope that you feel better!

    I HATE THE GROCERY STORE. My brain locks, I sit in the middle of the frozen foods aisle holding my knees and rocking, muttering to myself. It is way too much info to process at once, and then I must watch what I spend too? No, I am not interested in your 10 for 1 deal on Oreos! Look at me, do I look I need 10 packs of Oreos? I run out screaming everytime, looted of the little money that I had.

    I feel your pain…
    .-= Claudia´s last blog ..Busy and Writing =-.

  5. Oh my, you really should take care of yourself lots and lots. I hope your loves bring you tea and drugs. I think you’ve infected me because my nose is running something crazy. It’s funny about that Turkey. At least it will strengthen you. And I am angry angry angry at the US system which says in advance how many days you are “allowed” to be sick. That just isn’t right. Over here – you’re sick, you’re sick – you stay home and get paid. And if it’s really long your health insurance pays you a pretty decent percentage of your wage. You should all get a better deal. Rant over. Please have someone make some soup with the leftover bits of the turkey – that will give you some strenght. xxx
    .-= Mwa´s last blog ..The question: changed, manic or abducted by aliens? =-.

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