Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

If you haven’t joined in on Friday Fragments, offered to you by the lovely Mrs.4444, what are you waiting for?  There is no time like the present.

***I think perhaps the bloom is off the rose, or I am getting old, or both.  Last night Steve and I *thought* about having a nice bit of romance but we both decided we had eaten too much. “Maybe tomorrow,” we both said, and I didn’t know whether that was really quite funny or rather depressing.  Maybe both.

***Every year we got to my friends’ house for Thanksgiving.  Every year the same people are there, and save for one I really like all of them.  This one, however, just-wow.  Every year she feels like there is some kind of competition between the two of us for the best dish.  This year, our contribution was flan and a sweet potato casserole, and I think she started to sweat a little when people went insane over both of them.  She tasted the potatoes and said, “Well all THAT is, is a lot of brown sugar!” and of course, since they are Spanish and therefore experts, the flan was cooked too long.  However, Owen ate three big bowls of the flan, and had one bit of her pie and spit it out.  I love that kid.

***Eli has been grounded from the computer and going to friends’ houses for two weeks.  The last two days he has been moping around and throwing out little gems like, “Have I told you how much I love you, mom?  You are such a kind and loving mom,”  or, even better, “I just think it is so neat how you preach forgiveness and understanding.”   Independent of his fulsome compliments, I had decided to allow him two hours on the computer today.  However, apparently he snuck upstairs last night after we fell into our carbohydrate-induced-coma and got on the computer, and he forgot and left his WoW game running.  Not the smartest pickle in the jar, is he?

***I thank you all for your kind words on my post the other day; I know that everyone’s intentions were very, very pure.  Things are not especially better, and there is just one more layer of hard shell on my heart, but I won’t write about it anymore unless I absolutely can’t help it.

***I hate commercials even more than I did ten years ago when I cut off the TV.  I swear on all I hold holy that if I hear the stupid Toys R Us jingle one.more.time in the next ten minutes, I am going to call the cable company.  There are some really great things on the TV, and even some pretty entertaining shows (okay, I love The Cake Boss; that guy’s sisters are SUCH bitches, and they are all so obviously perpetuating that effusive Italian stereotype, that it just cracks me up), but my god, the commercials.  I felt my IQ drop about 15 points almost instantly.

***Speaking of TV, I was watching the news and apparently “people” are “only” spending $682 on Christmas this year.  Are you fucking kidding me?  Who has that kind of money to spend on Christmas?  I think if I clean out the bottom of my purse I might have $6.82.

***I spent so much time at home last week when I was sick that the idea of being home another four days this week has me feeling like bugs are crawling under my skin.  Seriously.

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27 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. The sex thing? That is life, baby. Don’t take it as anything negative- just reality.
    Have a good weekend and try not to get too buggy or watch too much TV. You’ll be fine.
    And congratulations on the sweet potatoes and flan. I do love flan. Wish I could have had some.
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..Home Place =-.

      • @kori, I think maybe they’re called Cherry Bonnets. Soft serve ice cream cone dipped in liquidy red stuff (or brown stuff for a chocolate bonnet-my preference). Then the cold ice cream makes the liquid stuff harden into a shell protecting the soft insides from teeth that bite and summer heat or the fires of Hell.

        And BTW that IS the same stuff. I left mini marshmallows off the list. I think my subconscious was having a hard time accepting the fact that I actually ate something containing marshmallows. And enjoyed it. Funny, I would have preferred sour cream or yogurt too, but the kids put the executive veto on that and voted for whipped cream.
        .-= michelle´s last blog ..friday Fragments =-.

    • @Mwa, We are lucky that way, or rather have worked hard in “that” area to be understanding and not let “that stuff” cause problems. One good thing about being sober, ha ha.

  2. That competition thing is so high school. Heck, it’s middle school! Poor thing; she must really feel inadequate.

    Really, keeping a boy from WOW like that? Can you blame him?! haha

    I’m with you on the Christmas spending. I scored a terrific desk for Kendall’s room this week–A super wonderful human being on Craigslist only took $10 for it!

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Friday Fragments, Episode #72 =-.

  3. I’m $5.82 broker than you right now and Christmas this year is going to very, very light. But even if I were to get my paws on $682, it would not go towards expensive or abundance of presents … it’s just not something I want to teach my kids, you know? The bigger pile of presents, the better Christmas? Fuck that noise. I say let the “only $682” people rack up their credit cards and raise spoiled brats.

    Whew, I’m a little feisty this morning.

  4. You have some GREAT frags!

    First, we are trying to limit our spending to $500. We opted out of a few gift exchanges that were rather superfluous (I give you a $25 Target gift card, only to have you give me the exact same thing… seemed kind of pointless). Hopefully we can stick to our budget!

    And my hubby and I embarked on a month-long challenge to be, um, intimate every day for a month. I think we managed 5 days. I was actually impressed.

    .-= Elizabeth´s last blog ..Thankful… For One Last Drink =-.

    • @Elizabeth, Every day for a month? Are you kidding me? Wow-even five days in a row is amazing to me!

      We finally, this year, stopped doing the gift exchange for extended family; we all decided we would rather just get together and eat and BE together, and then anyone so inclined can get gifts for the small children. That way, we none of us are going bankrupt buying things for family we rarely even see.

  5. You have more money in your purse than I do… 😉

    Hubby and I always laugh about the inability to ‘get romantic’ after having stuffed ourselves to the gills…so don’t worry, the bloom is still there, and you’re not getting old…you wouldn’t go work out after having stuffing yourself, right? That’s my story and I’m stickin’ with it! 😉

    Love that Owen ate three big bowls of flan but ended up spitting out the one bite of the ‘competition’ pie… 😉

    I hate commercials, too – that’s why I use my DVR religiously and rarely watch anything ‘live’ anymore…just to be able to fast forward through the annoying commercials. I used to tape all my favorites on my VCR before we got a DVR…for the same reason! 🙂

    Happy FF! 🙂
    .-= Stacy (the Random Cool Chick)´s last blog ..Spinning up a Friday Smörgåsbord – Fragments, Happy Hour, VGNO and Spin Cycle =-.

  6. Hi Girl! Who has $682 to spend of gifts?! Are they selling pot from their basement? How do they have this money just sitting around to spend on gifts? I’m going to have to check out some heat lamps this weekend.

    Glad you are feeling better, except for that bug crawling on your skin thing.
    .-= Dingo´s last blog ..Furby =-.

  7. Great post! Had me cracking up. Your son is funny….and yeah, has a bit to learn.

    I am floored too at how people can spend that kind of money. I mean, I bought a lot yesterday, but I did the shopping for all the kids’ gifts…and my family will reimburse me! We hardly bought them anything since they’re all gifts from family members! Some people are lucky!

    And the sex thing…yeah, I know what that’s like. Guess it doesn’t get a whole lot better when the kids get older, huh? 😉

    .-= Tamara´s last blog ..My Friend, The Neti Pot =-.

  8. My mom’s like that too. I can never tell her that my boss’s banana pudding is much better than hers. I know with cooking the tried and true recipes have to be used. What one person likes another may not. That is pretty high school though. At least you know you can cook 🙂

    $682?!?! I can see how it adds up with the tree and decorations and Santa pitures. Who really needs Santa pictures? Santa’s cool but man the consumerism these days is not cool. This year they started the day after Halloween. That’s crazy!!

  9. “I thank you all for your kind words on my post the other day; I know that everyone’s intentions were very, very pure. Things are not especially better, and there is just one more layer of hard shell on my heart, but I won’t write about it anymore unless I absolutely can’t help it.”

    No one said don’t write about it. In fact, I think the opposite would be true. If stuff sucks and you want support and help getting through it, reach out. The responses were more about you giving up, throwing in the towel. That was what I was moved by, anyway. I am all for you or anyone else using their blog as a platform to work through issues- I do it all the time. So I hope you will keep digging and writing and being open and honest. No one was saying you shouldn’t.
    .-= Eternal Lizdom´s last blog ..WWW: Traditions =-.

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