Monday Morning annoyances-read at your own risk

I  genuinely respect and admire SAHM’s, I really do.  Because I couldn’t do it, or rather could, if I started indulging again in the merest hint of Valium and a Yukon Jack chaser.  Not a lot, you understand, just enough to get me through the day. Now, I wouldn’t say I am so devoted to  my career that I wouldn’t quit in a heartbeat were I to suddenly become independently wealthy; I would have to find something else to do, though, at least part time.  Anyway, there are women who actually thrive on and excel at staying home with their kids, and I admire the hell out of them. However, I do have to say right out loud here that you SAHM’s are fucking it up for those of us who have to work.  Sam has a rehearsal for his evening of hell orchestra concert today.  At 4:00.  You know, 4:00 when people who have to work are, you know, working. The reasoning behind this?  The three people who are volunteers thought this would work out best for them.  I wish I were kidding, too.  Oh, and here is a great one: “Oh, if you would like to have a say about the times that are best for everyone, you could volunteer like WE do.  We have been meeting during the orchestra classes; if you could be there from 8:30-9:30, that would be so great!”  Umm-hmm, yep, it would.  Of course, I don’t see any of these volunteers offering to provide rides for those kids whose parents DO have to work; maybe that would be inconvenient?  The worst part?  Part of Sam’s grade in orchestra is contingent upon his attendance at all of the classes/rehearsals/performances, so when I can’t leave work and hour early to get him to rehearsal, HE is punished for it.  This isn’t a new thing, but it is still fucking annoying.

Speaking of annoying, I got pulled over again this morning, and this time I actually got a ticket.  I get pulled over a lot; I think once or twice I might have even deserved a ticket but didn’t get one.  This time, I was NOT speeding (for fuck’s sake it is snowing and the roads are slick; I wasn’t even going the speed limit!), he did not have his radar on, and he initially said, twice, “I estimated your speed at 20 MPH in a 15,” but then when I got the ticket it says, “23 in a 15 and accelerating.”  WTF?  I am pissed, I really am.  If I am speeding, I deserve a ticket-period.  I am not above the law, and don’t expect special favors or anything like that.  But this same cop has pulled me over three or four times for bullshit things that he actually can’t write me a ticket for (once he pulled me over for dropping Hannah off in front of her school; he said that it was illegal to do so.  I asked him,”Why isn’t there a sign, then, that says “No loading/unloading?” and I think that pissed him off), and for whatever reasons, he seems intent on ticketing me.  Now, keep in mind that this is the first ticket I have gotten since Eli was a baby, so in almost 16 years; it isn’t as if I am recklessly speeding through life hoping I don’t get caught.  He said, “I am going to give you until Christmas Eve to take care of this ticket, too, but be aware that the fine is double for a school-zone violation.”  Wasn’t that fucking generous of him?  So yeah, I can either take time off work to fight the ticket, which just isn’t going to happen (I can’t afford it), or I can bend over and take it up the ass and pay the ticket.  Which I can’t do, which means my license will be suspended.  Isn’t life just lovely sometimes?  And by the by, Steve was with me this morning, and when I said,”Oh, great, what the fuck am I being pulled over for?” he glanced at the speedometer at the same time as I did and we both said,”I am not speeding!”

So.  I am still trying to make it a good day, but it is sometimes pretty hard.  The party for Steve’s side of the family is tonight, and sometime between now and 4:00 I have to figure out how to get Sam to his rehearsal, and then I have to figure out which is more important, paying the gas bill or paying the ticket, and if this happened to someone else, I would probably think it was funny.  It isn’t.  But what do you do, right?  Lube up and bend over, and hope it’s over quickly.


13 thoughts on “Monday Morning annoyances-read at your own risk

  1. All my friends who are in the same boat you are with the “the class party/soccer game/PTA meeting is a 3pm and if you aren’t there you’re a bad mom crowd” tell me it’s a power trip on the part of the volunteer moms. It sucks that Eli suffers and there must be some way you can appeal it to the school board.

    As for the tickets, yep, I’m thinking it’s a power trip/ego thing. Asshat.


    • @Dingo, Who has time to go to school board meetings? It isn’t up to the school board anyway, just the individuals in charge of the performance. I just think it is crazy that school in general seems to operate under the assumption that we are still in the 50’s where mom was home all day. Asshats.

      I could say a lot more really choice words about the cop, but again, what is the point?


  2. Even as a SAHM, I resented the fuck out of those women (always women, of course) who ran the show and decided things on their terms. And basically, I didn’t give a shit. I had a lot more fun doing things in the classroom with the kids. Reading and stuff like that. Whatever the teacher needed me to do. But it’s totally ridiculous to schedule things at four when many (most!) parents are working. WTF???

    As to that cop- report his ass. Okay. Right. I know. But I wish you could. Dammit. I hate that for you. I do.
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..What We Looked Like On Saturday Night =-.


  3. My daycare is good about scheduling little parties and things around a working lunch, but I know it’s going to get harder as Boy gets older. And don’t get me started on playgroups and LLL- who but a SAHM can make it somewhere, child in hand, at 10am on a Tuesday?

    Stupid cop. Sounds like he might just have it in for you, it’s not normal to get pulled over that much.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Friday Fragments =-.


  4. What the hell? I hope that those volunteers are offering to chaperone and carpool and babysit all the kids whose parents have to work. And if part of his grade is based on it, they should have it during school or something. Or on a weekend. Either way, that is totally annoying!
    .-= Rachael´s last blog ..Mushroompalooza =-.


  5. They can do that – ESTIMATE your speed? That’s just ridiculous.

    I’m an SAHM, but I swear I’m not like that. And I will go back to work when my kids are all in school. I hate the PTA over here, which consists I’m sure of the exact same type bitches.

    Hug x
    .-= Mwa´s last blog ..Why are you staring at my face? =-.


  6. Creepy cops in a small town… eeek. The cops in our town make me really nervous. So much for that childhood myth of policemen are your friends.

    And I hear you on the extracurricular stuff. Not at all cool that working parents aren’t taken into consideration. Many, if not most, of the kids in our district are from single parent families, so there’s a lot of understanding and consideration in that area.

    Amen for small favors.
    .-= michelle´s last blog this a safe place to talk about our mothers? =-.


  7. Small towns really suck. They do the same thing out here. Apparently there’s nothing better to do thabn try to catch people doing something wrong. The cell phone/text messaging thing is the best thing that happened to them. Jerks!!

    Yeah the whole PTA/volunteer SAHM thing is pretty annoying.


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