Monday, Monday

Don’t forget to stop by The Playpen this morning for my friend Matt’s series called Time Out; he is featuring five very different moms (me being one of them; to find out who the others are you are just going to have to go read!) answering five questions throughout the week about parenting-very neat.

Aaand…that might very well be the highlight of my Monday, at this point at least.  It wasn’t a very good weekend at Chez Jones for a variety of reasons, and I was rather looking forward to going back to work.  However, Owen is feverish with a wet and croupy cough (alternately), which means no daycare and a long day at home with a whiny toddler.  He also doesn’t “get” the concept of making himself cough to bring up the phlegm, so he keeps crying and saying that he has a piece of meat stuck in his throat (which is funny as hell given that the kid doesn’t EAT meat for the most part).  It is shaping up to be a long day already.

I have a few things on my mind that I am trying to put into words, and that isn’t happening yet so this is what you get for the day. Go read The Playpen instead, and make sure to put in your own two cents while you are there.


10 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Not that I need to tell you, since you’ve been a mom way longer than me, but I will anyway because I like unsolicited advice. Giving it, that is.

    The best thing for croup is alternating hot and cold. Like, sitting in a steamy bathroom for 15 minutes, then going outside, preferrably at night, for 15 minutes, when it’s hella cold.

    Works like a charm; doesn’t cost $3G’s at the er. Yes, I learned that the hard way.
    .-= Mr Lady´s last blog ..If The Paranoia Doesn’t Destroy Me, The Insomnia Sure Will =-.

  2. Only thing I can think of worse than meat stuck in your throat (ewwww) is a monster in your tummy. Which is what my nephew would say, “mommymommy there is a monster in my tummy” just prior to ~ you know ~ barfing.

    It’s been awhile. Nice to see/read you.

    • @Mwa, I wish I could say that I generally look much more polished and sophisticated than I do there, but alas, I don’t. Minus the hat, that is pretty much what I look like ALL the time. In my next life I am going to be gorgeous. 🙂

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