Peace might not reign, but it does dwell

It’s no wonder we have all been battling colds and various other ailments; it was 45 degrees and sunny like spring last week, even up to yesterday, and today I woke up to snow and winds.  I have quit watching the weather, because they are never right-instead, when I get up in the morning and let the dogs out, I look outside and say,”Hm, it looks like it might be _____ today!”  Also, the woman who does the weather creeps me out, so there’s that, too.

So now, a cold and snowy Tuesday, and Owen is still sick.  his croupy cough is gone, to be replaced with a very deep, very wet-sounding cough, and he still has the fever and general malaise.  The thing is, he isn’t coughing much, which is bothersome in the fact that all that gunk is just sitting there, ripe for a bacterial infection to start.  This is what happened to me when I was so sick last month-I coughed like mad for one night, then stopped coughing and got quite ill.  It will bear watching, for sure-little fellows can go from slightly ill to really, really sick in a flash.  One time when Sam was about this same age, he had a slight fever and cough one day and overnight he got so sick that he was put in the hospital for a week; keep your fingers crossed that this is not the case with Owen.  The plan as of bedtime last night was that Steve would take a turn staying home with him, so as long as that is still the plan, I will be able to go to work today-much needed.

All in all, it is a better day than yesterday.  One of the problems that cropped up over the weekend has been if not resolved completely then at least talked out, which makes the air at least clear enough to breathe.  I know I have said this about fifty times before, but it bears saying one more time that I suck at relationship stuff.  And, frankly, so does Steve.  Not all the time, or even most of the time, or we wouldn’t still be together, but enough that is does cause conflict on occasion.  In this case, it was that we were both talking and not hearing at all what the other person was saying, and when we DID hear, we both heard totally wrong.  Pretty easy to get angry and defensive with one another when both are so busy defending their own position that the real words and meanings get smothered.  At any rate, that one issue is tabled for the moment-not in a “let’s pretend it is all okay and sweep this one under the rug” kind of way, but in a “this doesn’t need to be something that ruins us” kind of way.

The other thing that made the weekend pretty much suck ass was that fact that in the house dwells an almost 16 year old cave dweller of a teenager.  One who feels like he should be treated like a man but still acts/reacts at times like a ten year old.  One who, for whatever reason, has decided that he should pretty much be allowed to do whatever it is that he wants to do and NOT do what it is that I expect of him.  He has also developed a very nasty habit of talking back, and whew, I tell you, he seems to have learned overnight to push my buttons, HARD.  That situation has also calmed down, but I don’t expect peaceful resolution for another, oh, ten years or so when his mind and body begin to work together in something resembling a normal manner.  I used to think that being a teen girl was pretty awful, in my own teen years and going through it with Hannah, but now?  I realize it is just as hard for the boys, just in different ways.  Since I can’t change what HE is feeling and going through, all I can do is change the way I react and pick my own battles a little more carefully. 

I hope that I will soon be posting more meaningful stuff, but since that isn’t happening today, why don’t you head on over to The Playpen for the Tuesday installment of Time Out?   I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t much interaction yesterday-why don’t some of you comment and get a good conversation going?


15 thoughts on “Peace might not reign, but it does dwell

  1. Sounds like things are shaping up for you; at least a little bit. Hey, it’s a start, right? Funny how things are never as bad as they seem after they’ve been worked through a little. We all have this tendency to build up our problems to near insurmountable in our minds then, once they’re out there, they’re never QUITE as bad.

    And thanks for the mercy link 🙂
    .-= Matt´s last blog ..Time Out – Preschool =-.

    • @Matt, What are friends for, right?

      It is, for me, getting TO the talking out part that is so hard. I swear, I really suck at all of this stuff. I don’t know why he puts up with me a good part of the time. 🙂

  2. Gosh, I hope Owen starts to feel better and doesn’t get any sicker. I completely understand your weather situation, that’s exactly how it was here. Sixty one day and then snowing the next…weird.

    I suck at relationship stuff too…Mr. Ski and I far too often just sweep it under the rug for a later fight beyond all proportions. We have got to start addressing these little tiffs so they don’t add up to a BIG tiff later on down the road.

    I do not envy you having a teenage boy and girl in the house. I’m sure hormones are running high. I would probably be in a corner, sucking my thumb and mumbling to myself if I were in the situation! You are most definitely Supermom!

    • @Mrs. Ski, I don’t fight well; I fight mean and dirty, and I say things I only mean in the heat of the moment, so for me it is better to get it out in the open even if it isn’t resolved immediately. I actually succeed at it oh, I don’t know, at least 15% of the time-progress, not perfection, right? 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you said that about E. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing that girls are harder than boys in the teenage years! And I think that parents thinking they shouldn’t be worrying about their sons as much as we obsess about our daughters is part of the problem!
    And I love you. As if you didn’t know…
    .-= April´s last blog ..A beautiful day at the spa =-.

    • @April, Now that I have two, I can honestly say that they are both equally difficult, just in different ways. I do agree that too many parents are still of the mind that “boys will be boys” and kind of let them go their own way-which is SO not right that I can’t even begin to articulate it!

      and I love you, too.

    • @Ms. Moon, I don’t like it, either; I tend to act all balse, whatever, but really, it bothers me. Because when they are little, they could be REALLY sick and you wouldn’t know it until too late, you know?

  4. I so get the whole suck at relationship thing. I have realized that I don’t listen very well either and it causes a lot of conflict for me. That is on thing that I am trying to work on is listening without putting my thoughts into it. It is hard.
    Glad that you two worked through it.

  5. Sorry Owen’s not feeling better.

    I’m not looking forward to the teenage years. Hormones + burgeoning independence + living at home + general angsty teenageness does not equal happiness for anyone involved, no matter what the gender. Good luck picking your battles- I’ll have to remember that advice in 15ish years.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Online Dating =-.

  6. Hey…I’ve got one of those almost 16 year olds at my house too.

    It’s all I can do not to look at her and call her a bitch. hehe (sometimes I don’t fight the urge)
    .-= Jill´s last blog ..Ode to Coffee =-.

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