Friday Fragments 03/05/10

Mommy's Idea

It’s that time of the week again, where we all get to gather together our jumbled thoughts and attempt to make a post out of them.  Thanks to Mrs.4444, we now have permission to post small little tidbits about our week without feeling guilty for it! 

***The whole Driver’s Ed. class for Hannah and Eli already, after only four days of it, seems more trouble than it it worth.  They have to be at the school at 6:45 am, which okay, that is fine.  Not great, mind you, but fine.  Now I find out that when they start driving, they have to be BACK at the school at 6:00 at night, and then I have to turn right around and pick them back up at said school at 8:00.  When asked about scheduling the kids for the 4:00-6:00 driving class, which would coincide perfectly with my work schedule, the teacher said that everyone wanted their kids to be in that particular class, so he really couldn’t accommodate MY kids.  Even though we live some way from the school.  And several sets of kids who got that class live less than a mile from the school.  I am not happy about this.  Between the tremendous cost involved in getting them INTO the class, plus now three times my regular gas budget, we are going on around $1,000 for a 6 week class.  REALLY not happy about that, as I was *trying* to save up money to go on vacation this summer.

***Due to more budget cuts for State and Federal Programs (thank you, Republican Party, SO much), two of the three medications Sam is on are no longer covered by Medicaid, even though the doctor prescribed these particular medications for a reason.  So now I either have to pay the cost out of pocket (which I can’t afford to do, AT ALL), or we have to now start the trial-and-error of finding different medicines that hopefully do the same thing with as few side effects as possible.  Which is, of course, why he was prescribed these ones, as they do the job to control his asthma with the least amount of side-effects. 

***I had never heard of Phyllis Schafly until I was scrolling through the radio stations the other day and it stopped on one she was talking on.  I thought it was NPR so I left it there (I was driving, not paying attention to what station it stopped on), and just almost had a heart attack when I heard this bitch start flapping her jaw.  She is, for those who haven’t heard of her either, an ULTRA Conservative Christian Political commentator (that isn’t the right word, but whatever), and she is..well.  I was so pissed about her commentary about health care reform that I actually looked the column up online; this is the line that caught me off guard:  “It used to be that a husband was responsible for the financial support of his wife and children, but the feminists’ agenda calls for replacing husbands with Big Brother Government. The feminists call their movement “women’s liberation,” and Obamacare is one more way to help them achieve their goal.”  If you would like to read more of her distasteful, hateful opinions that castigate single mothers and women who no longer want to be the chattel of their husband,  you can access a whole list of her columns here, but if your political beliefs are anything similar to mine, I wouldn’t suggest it; it will just piss you off.  I turned the radio off as soon as she started talking about  illegitimate kids because I was afraid I would have an apoplexy and wreck my car.

***I got weighed and measured at Curves on Wednesday night; I wouldn’t really say I am either discouraged or encouraged either one.  I didn’t lose any weight, and in fact gained .8 lbs, but at the same time my body fat percentage went down some and I lost a little bit in inches.  The girl who measured me said I lost 4 inches or so in my thighs and an inch in the bust-but I have a really hard time believing that; I certainly haven’t noticed any difference in the way my clothes fit, and you would think with that many inches lost I would certainly be able to tell.  Anyway, I am just keeping on keeping on, because I do feel better in general, so that has to be worth something.

***There was a knock on our door on Wednesday night, signifying the arrival of a huge package that was sent to us before Christmas by a friend of mine.  Through a variety of small errors that escalated, plus a smidgen of incompetence by the shipping company whose drivers wear brown, the package has been sort of hanging around for someone to get it to the right place.  I must note here that the person who finally delivered it was NOT, in fact, a man in a brown uniform, but instead was a lumberjack looking dude smelling of diesel fuel with just a hint of weed; he is my new hero.  The arrival of the package meant much to me, not in terms of what was in it (though thank you, you already know how much the kids loved the stuff you sent!) but in terms of the thought behind it.  It made me feel less alone.

***Had coffee with my friend P. last night and it was really good to have some time to catch up a little bit.  When I get in this place, my first tendency is to isolate from other people, and I have to FORCE myself to get out of that hole.  It always helps, so I don’t know why it is so hard to do sometimes, but there you go.  That is the mind of an alcoholic at work.  There is a line in one of Anne LaMott’s book about her mind being a bad place to go into alone, and that is the absolute truth.  She  (Anne) also talked about that radio station in her head that plays all that bad shit, and she calls it K-FKD, which makes me laugh but is ALSO true.  Anyway, I am still in a not good place right now but P. assured me that it is just totally A-OK to be where I am, and that helped as much as anything.

***Just a little FYI: when you are on the phone with your insurance agent, do not tell them that you are driving, talking on the cell phone, and rummaging around in your car for a pen and paper so you can write down a phone number all at the same time.  It tends to alarm us just a little.  Also, please don’t be angry if we ask you to call back when you get to a place where you can pull over.

Okay, now it is time to head over to Half Past Kissin’ Time to see what some of her other fragmenters had to say about their week!



10 thoughts on “Friday Fragments 03/05/10

  1. Ugh, the driver’s Ed situation sounds awful! And, I’ve been in a similar situation – many times.

    I wont bother checking out the ultra conservative blowhard. I’m sure it would piss me off, as you suggested.

    I’ve also been waiting on a package since Dec, but the hold up is w/my mortgage co. and it’s causing me great strain – emotionally and financially. Glad yours arrived though!

    Hope you ahve a great weekend. 🙂
    .-= Mindy@SingleMomSays´s last blog ..Men Think with their Penises & Women’s Hearts are in their Vaginas =-.

  2. Sorry about the driver’s ed and the meds for Sam.

    Feeling better is really what it’s all about.

    I work on the claims side, and I’ve had people tell me “look, it doesn’t matter how much was damaged- just give me a check for $15k and I’ll go away.” It’s amazing how casual some people can be about fraud.
    .-= Cat´s last blog ..Stomach bug-pocolypse =-.

  3. Good one! I’m the same way about going out and doing things with friends. And even when I do it, I hit a place where I get anxious and weird. I’m a mess. But hell, I try. And you do too! So let’s just pat ourselves on the back and quit listening to K-FKD.
    And keep up the workouts. Eventually, you’ll see and feel the difference.
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..Yes =-.

  4. Hey, Kori, if you email me your address, I’ll send you a present. (seriously) I lost my address book in a computer disaster yesterday, so I no longer have your address.

    I HATED our Drivers Ed provider, too, as they rip you off but have you over a barrel, so what can you do? Just keep remembering that soon, you’ll have less driving errands to do, cuz the kids will love doing it for you (for a while, anyway). Of course, that’s if you all survive the practice driving…yikes–it’s SCARY!!!
    .-= Mrs4444´s last blog ..Just a Couple of Notes… =-.

  5. Lady,
    You give a woman a lot to talk about! First, let me say thank you for stopping by to see me!!!! I always love meeting a new blogger.

    Secondly, what’s up with the driver’s ed? I’m so sorry that they wouldn’t work with you. It seems that you have a genuine “special circumstance”. I guess that they have your money so they don’t feel very compelled to work with you. 😦

    I completely understand your frustration with having your prescriptions covered. I have had the same fight with private insurance. They want me to take a cheaper medicine. Fine. Small problem — it doesn’t work for me. That’s why my doctor prescribed something different — AARGH!!!!

    Finally, how the heck does it take 2 1/2 months for a domestic package to reach you? The guys in brown probably slipped the lumberjack a fiver just so the wouldn’t have to face you!!! LOL

    Have a great week. I shall look forward to your fragments this week.

  6. Really, people tell that to their insurance agents? Actually, I suppose that doesn’t surprise me. Yikes!

    And the ahhh drivers ed? I’m not looking forward to that at all someday, but what a messed up schedule! I’ve never heard of something like that. Here’s hoping it gets easier soon. Any chance you can appeal to a higher power to move into the 4-6 class? It sounds like you’ve got valid reasons!

    And not to get into any political stuff but you do realize that the Dems have a veto proof House and Senate majority so Republicans can’t exactly make cuts to any programs right now? There’s plenty of blame to go around for all sorts of stuff!
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..I’m Becoming Me Again =-.

  7. I heard the name Phyllis Shafly growing up; I don’t recall it being a good thing. She sounds like an asshole.

    My sympathies on the driver’s ed class. Grrrr.

    I had to laugh about the caller with a cellphone. Probably shouldn’t though.
    .-= S.K.´s last blog ..Stepping stones =-.

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