why is it so hard to title these?

Owen came stumbling out of the bedroom this morning and asked me to turn the light down because his eyes were still grumpy; boy, I know exactly what he means.  I have yet another cold, which is annoying because, well, because there isn’t really anything you can do about a cold other than not take drugs and feel miserable or take drugs and feel miserable AND groggy.  It seems like all of us in the house have been getting sick or being sick or just getting over being sick all winter long, including a lovely bout of pink-eye a couple of weeks ago.  You would think that I would have built up a lot of immunities after having been exposed to every bug known to mankind, but I think the germs have mutated this year because I am apparently a ripe breeding ground for every single one of them.  Bah.

So-is it Wednesday?  Yes-the days have all been kind of blurring together this last week.  It seems like I just got back to work after a lovely weekend, and now the week is halfway gone already.  We have been busy here at the office in general, plus the boss and I had lunch with one of our marketing reps yesterday which broke up the day nicely-whenever I get to do something like that, I feel like I am kind of getting away with something, which really doesn’t make sense.  I mean, I AM a professional, and I work really hard to maintain that image while I am at work, but inside I still secretly delight in these business lunches and the continuing education training and the addition of letters after my name on my business cards.  Of course, you are talking to the person who was also inordinately excited that the Census packet arrived in the mail, so it isn’t as if I am hard to entertain.

Ah, but things are good.  I went to the library on Saturday and got a few books, and we had a quite nice weekend all the way around.  Steve and his friend were finally able to finish installing the remote car starter I got for Christmas, and even though I roll my eyes a little and talk about how I am going to now start going to drive-thru pharmacies and convenience stores because that extra 15 feet to walk might kill me, I am actually pretty excited about it.  We went to see a movie at the Cheap Theater on Saturday night, and it was quite nice to be able to push a button and have the car already nice and warm when we went out to it.  On Sunday, we…hell, I don’t know what we did all day-or rather, I read and have no idea what anyone else did.  In the afternoon, Steve and I took Owen to various places to try to get some decent pictures for a top-secret venture, but alas, it’s looking like we might have to go out again.  Still, it was a lot of fun to be out in the fine weather with the dog and only one kid (“they” don’t tell you that when you have four, it will be a particular pleasure to be able to just take one at a time somewhere on occasion!).

Also, if you look to the right over there, right underneath my new Redsparks ad, you will see that I had added one of those vacation countdown widgets; for some reason, 135 days sounds a lot sooner than four months, doesn’t it?  This motivates me to get back on track with the whole exercise thing (I have slacked off some this last week, and just like anything else, the longer I procrastinate, the harder it is to get back into the groove), because come on, the beach?  Yeah; no sense in showing up looking like Hilda the Hippo if I don’t have to.  And really, even if I don’t look as good as I would like to, there will be no stopping me from donning my swimsuit.  Again, come on, the beach? 

So.  Lots to look forward to, sure, but also lots to be happy about in the right here and now.  Vacation to look forward to, but closer ahead is an office bowling party (with the whole family), warmer weather, more trips to the library.  Even though some things are still out there hovering on the edge of my mind, I am working on simply acknowledging that they are there, and giving myself permission to take them out and examine them when I am ready-and that simple acknowledgement is progress to me.  Too many times I try to force myself to come to terms with or resolve certain issues before I am ready, and it always backfires, so for the moment I am just patting myself on the back and saying, “Yep, XX is out there, and at some point you are going to have to figure out how to handle it, but not yet.”

And now if you will excuse me, my black pen and Census form await.

13 thoughts on “why is it so hard to title these?

  1. Heh-heh. I still haven’t filled out my census form although I DID send in a check this morning to renew my New Yorker magazine and that alone makes me feel as if I have accomplished a great deal today.
    Is this pathetic?
    .-= Ms. Moon´s last blog ..Sweet Rain =-.

    • Great minds think alike, apparently. And I am too chicken to go back into your blog to see if I pissed anyone off. Let me live in denial, okay?

  2. Business lunches RULE. Especially in my line of work (business development) because it’s another term for go out and get the client hammered so they like your company. Not as fun as filling out a census form, I know, but mighty close.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..Control Freakz =-.

  3. We got our Census survey this week too. I’m a little dense and was fretting over how to include College Kid since she really doesn’t live here, except in the summer. Reading instructions apparently is vital to filling it out correctly.

    Hope you all get over this winter ick that has been lingering way to long at your place.
    .-= Tara R.´s last blog ..Set Your Blog’s Timezone by City =-.

  4. Its so funny to read your blog and know all the stuff (well, most of it anyway) in between the lines 🙂

    Let’s both hurry the hell up and get better soon!!!

  5. Love your comments about getting the census form! I fretted over whether to use ink or pencil for a few minutes before finally deciding to use ink and think about what I was going to write beforehand to prevent making any mistakes… and ruining my form and becoming a fugitive of the law. I used BLUE ink! Do you think they’ll come and arrest me?!
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..That’s Miss CPA to you! =-.

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