Checking In

I finally got over my whatever it was that was making me sick-cold, flu, sinus infection, whatever-last week; something about also getting the stomach flu and throwing up everything I swallowed for 15 hours did the trick.  Not, however, a treatment I would recommend.  It has been a really bad month for me in terms of illness, but with March coming to a close and my body slowly getting back to normal, I have high hopes that April will not be quite so bad.  I haven’t been able to work out for several weeks, so I feel pudgy and sluggish again, and a little disgusted with myself for not being tough enough to work out when feeling bad-mostly because in some ways it is almost like starting over. 

There has been much going on here, big things and small, which seems to be the way of life in general.  I will be doing some password protected posts in the future, I think, so if you want the password and don’t already have it, let me know.  In the meantime, things just keep moving forward.  

I will be around more, too, because I have been missing this old blog lately.  Like with the working out, I need this place to help me be mentally healthy (although I have been writing letters again, which I love to do, sitting in a cozy spot with pen in hand, coffee nearby, writing a letter to someone I love-that is pretty much heaven, or at least a small slice of it), so my mind feels a little sluggish as well.

I leave you with this, which is one of my favorite photos of the set we took for the Redsparks ad.  The water really was the blue, the sun really that bright.  Life is sweet, no?

Pied Piper


16 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. I’m glad you’re finally feeling better. Getting back into the exercising mode is always challenging for me, but so worth it. Good luck with that! And yes, blogging more sounds like a good plan.

  2. March has had a lot of bloggers down. I don’t know what was going on but I am glad to hear that you are feeling better. Take care and look forward to new posts. Looking forward to April as well. Hopefully the rain will be replaced by sunshine. Take care, and thank you for the baby birthday wishes.
    .-= Mr. Shife´s last blog ..365 days later … =-.

  3. Being sick blows. chunks. Glad you’re feeling better. And I hope you do get back to the gym. Between work conferences and visiting family, I haven’t been able to go myself. And as pudgy as I get physically, the mental pudge does a lot more damage. It’s the one place I can go where I only have one thing to worry about: finishing this set. Worrying about just ONE thing is awesome. And rare.
    .-= BusyDad´s last blog ..Nature Pwns Nurture. =-.

  4. Hi Kori,

    Is that glorious picture your Owen? It is funny how many Owens are out there.

    I swear, I thought I was so super original when I named him after Owen Meany (from the John Irving novel). He will probably be Owen C in at least one of his classes.

    It’s cool. I still love the name.

    I’m so glad to “intermeet” you.

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