Friday Fragments

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I think it has been awhile since I participated in a Friday Fragments, so what better time to start back up again than right now?  If you would also like to join in, you can find out how over at Half Past Kissin’ Time!

***It is a three day weekend for me; is it wrong to be so excited?  Not because we have grand plans, though we are doing something on Sunday.  No, no, I am excited for two things: sleeping in a little bit and napping.  Perhaps I need a life.

***Two times this week I have dealt with two different customers who have pressing insurance business.  I get that-for similar reasons, both of them have needed new coverage put in place.  Both customers were short and hurried with me, almost to the point of being rude.  I did what I could, scanned/emailed their applications to be signed and returned, because they were both in such a hurry.  Today?  Two days after the fact?  Neither person has sent back their application.  This kind of stuff is annoying as hell to me.

***Every night this week we have eaten dinner and gone down to the river.  The kids swim and I walk on the beautiful path. Two loops around is just right at three miles, if I remember correctly (I thought it was only two miles, but I re-added and I think it is slightly over 3, at least according to my little pedometer thingy).  Last night, I was feeling good physically and was at peace emotionally, and I felt like I wanted to run-so I did.  No looking around to see if anyone was watching me make a fool out of myself, no pressure to run to a certain point before collapsing in a sweaty, puking heap, just-running.  It was good; did I make it far?  No-I am not a runner.  It just didn’t matter, though; it just.felt.good.

***Speaking of going to the river last night, while I was walking I saw a figure in the distance and it was Eli’s girlfriend.  I thought,”Wow, that is a coincidence,” but it really wasn’t.  She had come looking for us (even though Eli wasn’t with us); I asked how she knew where we were and she said,”Well, you didn’t answer your door, so I figured you were here.”  It made me laugh a little because I AM so predictable, but I think for me it is a good thing.  I am flattered, too-she likes us, she wants to be with us even when Eli isn’t, because she loves that we are so close. 

***I know I have talked about this 1,001 times before at different times, but it bears saying one more time anyway: my god is pretty cool dude.  I told you, I think, about how I thought, when Steve left, that I needed an extra $300/month to be at least marginally okay, and then within days I had that editing job, right?  So then a few days ago while I was working on the editing, I had the thought that it would be really helpful if we had another computer so that I could have just MINE, for MY things, without having to fight the kids for time on it.  Yesterday my niece called and said she got a new PC, do I want her old one?  Another thing is that I was just joking around to someone about how we can’t watch Juno because the DVD player was Steve’s, and last night Hannah’s friend brought over a DVD player because they have two others.  I just find this kind of abundance amazing to me.  And maybe they are all small things (well, not the job), but isn’t that proof enough for me?  I think it is.

***I haven’t had a french fry in I don’t know HOW long.  I have finally begun to see a difference in how I feel and the way my clothes fit, which everyone kept telling me would happen if I just kept up with it, and it is true.  However, Jacquie and I are going to Twin tonight to go grocery shopping (her), and we are going to eat somewhere there-I don’t know if it will be french fries, but you KNOW I am going to eat something totally terrible for me.  And will love every bite.

***My friend J. gave me this thing that was supposedly found in Mother Teresa’s room, which hey, I don’t know, but it is really quite good.  I have been carrying the last line around me in my head, and it goes,”In the final analysis, it is between you and God.  It was never between you and them anyway.”  Isn’t that wonderful?

Apparently I had a lot of fragments stored up; in case mine weren’t enough, though, you can always find more at Half Past Kissin’ Time!   

11 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Sleeping and Napping are two of my favorite things to do on the weekend!!! Hope you’re able to do a lot of both!

    God does work in mysterious ways, that’s for sure. I loved that Mother Theresa quote, so powerful and so true.

    I am not a runner either, I tried out for track when I was in middle school, long distance no less, I only made it through the practices up to the first meet and then quit. Now I laugh about it…like why didn’t I quit after the first practice instead of going through all those weeks for nothing!

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Glad to hear some cheerful in your voice, Kori 🙂

    You might want to check this out if you have an i-pod: It’s the voice of a really nice guy who acts as a personal trainer, sort of, to help you work yourself from not running at all to running as much as you want. He’s great.

    You are SO blessed! Wow. That’s awesome.

    Here’s to a weekend of naps, sleeping in, and being happy.

  3. Sleep is good! YUM

    The universe is extraordinarily abundant. God is Great

    I’m drinking a 32oz pepsi as I blog

    So sweet that Eli’s girlfriend loves your family


  4. I clicked on your thumbnail because I thought your blog title was clever. So are you! I hope you get all the naps in that you want!

    Thank you for talking about God’s grace. It’s just what I needed to hear. You have reminded me that it really is between him and me. God Bless you.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. What an amazing post. And what lovely things are happening to you. I love when the universe comes together for someone like that.

    This post is making me smile.

  6. I’ll be interested to see what you ate. I had McD’s on Friday because there really was no other option… and I ate a fry that my dad shared and realized that it actually doesn’t taste all that good. And so I ate no more. Did you like them? (The burger on the other hand, mmmm!)

    I hope you enjoyed a great Fourth – and yay on the run! It’s totally about you and not any pressure.

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