Oh, and one more thing

I had forgotten that awhile ago I asked for a review over at Ask and Ye Shall Receive.  I got it.  It isn’t pleasant.  But then, I did get a few chuckles out of it, so it wasn’t all bad.


8 thoughts on “Oh, and one more thing

  1. I second Ms. Moon. Who the fuck is she and who made her the queen of blogging?

    And shit, did she go through and read ALL of your archives?! That’s dedication.

    Love you! Keep your head up.

  2. Well, I agree with one thing she referred to; you are WAY too hard on yourself!! Otherwise pure rubbish.

    And, excuse my ignorance, but what the hell is a ‘meme’. yes, I googled it and I still don’t get it… Could be the heat, lol

    The other Cori

  3. You have HUGE balls, my friend; that makes me love you a lot. I suspect you didn’t read a lot that surprised you. Did you expect anything different?

  4. ok sweetie….. it’s time to take the kick me sign off your ass. you don’t need that shit in your life. i dont usually tell people what to do or give advice but kori, you need some nice and some happy in you life. avoid assholes…..you’re better than that.


  5. What a load of drivel. And have you noticed she does a lot of the stuff she accuses you of in her own post? I hope you take no notice.

  6. I think that if everyone would stop handing you hankies and actually read the review, you’ll find there was a great deal of constructive and yes, even positive feedback. Certainly, the style over at Ask is akin to a very firm spanking but you knew that.

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