Friday Fragments

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Today is a good day to participate in Friday Fragments; thanks to Mrs.4444 for hosting!

***It has been a crazy week on all sorts of levels.  I went to my first Al-Anon meeting on Tuesday because I am tired of being in pain and crazy.  It was good, I think.  I cried through the whole thing.  It is in many ways just like AA, but with a totally different spin, and I am glad.  I am so freaking co-dependant that it isn’t funny, and even though I know what to do and am doing it (not protecting Steve from the consequences of his drinking/decisions is number one, followed very closely by detaching), it isn’t easy and I need support.  So this is a good thing but also hard.

***I have been fighting what I thought was a cold that had turned into bronchitis for, I don’t know, a week? Plus have had terrible diarrhea for at least that long (TMI? sorry!).  On Wednesday night I fell completely apart because I just didn’t feel well and there was all this emotional shit going on, and in the middle of the night I started coughing and couldn’t stop.  As in, cough until I threw up or wet my pants, or both, with just enough time in between spasms to catch my breath and do it all over again. Called my friend/doc J. and she talked to me for a long time and listened to my symptoms and heard me coughing and she said,”Oh, you have….pertussis. There are 8 adult cases in the county right now.”  Dr. Google concurs, and I am now on some pretty major drugs, none of which seem to be helping.  I can’t talk because my throat is swollen from all the coughing, although it doesn’t hurt-a plus.  What hurts is the REST of my body, and I am so tired I can’t see straight.

***Hannah is 38 weeks pregnant today.  Her OB appt was yesterday, and she is 1 cm dilated.  Her doc stripped her membranes and she has been spending a lot of time squatting and walking, hoping to help things along a little.  Doc is quick to induce, will only give her a week past her due date before he will induce, so obviously we are hoping to prevent that from having to happen.  I keep telling her, though, not this weekend, I am in no shape to be there, and couldn’t anyway being as sick as I am.  So next week would be much better for me.  I might not FEEL great by then, but shouldn’t be contagious anymore.  We’ll see if Aubry cooperates.

***This is the kind of friends I have, though.  On Wednesday when I fell apart (I really did, I felt so bad and I was so sad that I went to lay down on the bed and just couldn’t stop crying), Hannah called my friend Jacquie for me and she and her husband came over to see what they could do.  The short answer was nothing, but them being there to love me was enough.  Jaquie picked up the kids for me last night and brought frozen pizzas for them, and that was so helpful.  My other friend (doc) J called a little while ago to make sure I was still alive, at least, and I just feel so grateful to have these people in my life.

***There is a very narrow window of time in which I can rest, between coughing spells and the short amount of time the medicine keeps them paroxysms at bay, and that time is now.  Send up good thoughts that I make it through the weekend, because right this second I don’t feel like I will!


12 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Oh, honey, I just adore you. So sorry you are ill. So proud of you for facing co-dependency on. It has got to be hard, and Owen will thank you for it. I am about to send something to Hannah, so look for it in the next week or so.

  2. Well, I’m glad you got some medical help. I have a friend who almost died this year because she waited to long to go in for “the flu.” She ended up having to have her chest cracked open and fluid removed from her heart!

    Here’s hoping Aubry waits til you are well enough to enjoy the experience 🙂

    Al-Anon rocks. I learned a lot from my Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings, back in the day, and I think the tenants (sp?) are similar. Melanie Beatty has a good book on the subject, too.

    So glad J and J were there for you (and that Hannah knew what to do to help.) Hope you feel well soon!!

  3. Oh my! What a lot of Fragments. I am so sorry you are sick and hope by the time you read this you are feeling better and have had a healthy new life.
    Al-Anon does rock but yes support is crucial. Just like the addicted person you cannot do it alone. My husband is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict (20 years) but is still very involved in AA. We will both forever be grateful for the support and friendships and will always be ready to help someone that wants help. So hang in there!
    I hope by next Friday you are well and have good news..

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