It is a lovely day here. In fact, it *might* be a lovely day to have a baby. Hannah has been restless and uncomfortable for several days, had some hard cramping and backaches over the weekend, and today is actually contracting. Nothing too close together yet, they are very scattered, but are definitly contractions. She has a doctor’s appointment this morning, so we will know then if she has dilated past 1 cm yet. I was joking with her this morning that it would be a very convenient time for Aubry to make an appearance, as I am already home from work from being ill. In fact, I talked to my doc this morning because I am on the mend, but not entirely well yet, and she said,”You should give it one more day before going back to work.” Again, how convenient!

Still, we all know that babies will come when they are ready, so we are all calm and not overly excited. Well-I am calm, anyway, at least at this point. She will come when it is time, and I am trusting the process. Keep Hannah in your thoughts today, and I will keep you posted.


7 thoughts on “Progess

  1. Ahhh, I miss the anticipation of a new arrival. But not enough to make one myself!

    Best wishes of luck, health and happy days to you and your daughter. Also wishes of a speedy process to bring Aubry into the world. Remember to relax and breathe as best you can Hannah, its so important!

  2. Holding you and Hannah close in my thoughts, Kori. May the labor be strong and short. Can’t wait to see you two holding that babe.
    x0 N2

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