here for the moment

Oh, mercy, life is so hard!

There you have the best picture of Aubry so far.  I feel a little bit remiss lately, as I have been/am still intending on writing her birth story for you all (and by the way, Ms. Moon, I credit the blue and black cohosh for her starting labor on her own!), but things have been pretty busy at Chez Jones the last little while.  We brought Aubry home on the 11th, and of course Hannah had to come with her, being the chuck wagonand all, and the pace increased exponentially almost immediately.  It is a good change of pace, though, with this new baby to snuggle and sweet toes to munch on and long, long fingers that hold us all so tightly.  Her umbilical cord has dried up and fallen off so she got her first tub bath, screaming all the while-she is practically a grown-up now!  Hannah has fountains of milk, and Aubry grunts like a pig while nursing, and all is well in the Baby world.

Not so well goes it for my Eli, who is suddenly a child I don’t know, half boy and half man and hating pretty much everything.  There have been problems at school, problems at home, and some moments I totally understand why some animals in the wild eat their young.  He has been so infuriating, so belligerent, that I have been looking at him helplessly, wondering what can truly be done to help this young man.  He denies it, but I strongly suspect that Hannah having the baby was the last straw for him; he loves them both, has agreed that perhaps Aubry is pretty delicious, but underneath I think the focus has been on Hannah for so long that he is trying to get my attention one way or another.  There are some different things in the works so that perhaps this doesn’t have to mean the ruination of the future in terms of school.  At home, I just keep telling him-as do all of our friends and chosen family-that I love him and I am not giving up on him no matter how mad he is at me.  There are moments of hope, though.  On Saturday night, after a huge fight on Friday where harsh words were spoken by all involved, he very casually strolled upstairs and started chatting about a book he had just finished reading.  We chatted for a little while about books and philosophy and then he said,”Well, my resolve to not speak to you for two weeks just went out the window!”  He is pretty amazing, and while of course Hannah still needs me, it is way past time to focus on the other three.  I hope to find some balance there, because I don’t want any of my kids to fall through the cracks.

So many other things to catch up on!  Sam is enjoying school and Owen just recently insisted on having his head buzzed in order to look just like his daddy, and has also recently begun saying funny little things like,”My brain REALLY needs a Twinkie!”  Things are in general pretty okay, just busy.  Look for some password protected posts in the future, as well as the birth story should you still want to hear it!


14 thoughts on “here for the moment

  1. Kori- I swear- I was just about to write you an e-mail saying, “Where ARE you?”
    And here you are with that precious peach of a child. Aw…
    She is beautiful. And yes, we all want to hear the birth story.
    You are not the only mama blogger talking about their young teen sons with despair right now. Believe me. It’s something those boys seem to have to go through. I am so sorry. Just keep loving him and know that he’ll snap out of it one day.
    I’m so glad you posted.

  2. “and some moments I totally understand why some animals in the wild eat their young.”
    LOL! I love you! You should know that by now, but every so often I have to remind you.
    Yes, I know the teenage boy, and the teenage girl and the ones coming up behind. And every so often, I get the urge to eat someone! (dirty joke swallowed) just to shut up some teenage angst or even pre-teen angst, cause OMG, really?
    Regardless of anything else, a lot of love shown through on some simple wordage, and when all the excitement wears down and some of the glow has faded, those of us in the peanut gallery expect lots of stories and pictures so we can live vicariously through you.
    Loves, XOXOXO

  3. Congrats. She’s gorgeous. If you want to read some gorgeous writing about parenting teenagers, read Imperfect Birds by Anne Lamott. (In all your spare time, of course).

    That book really made me think about how my parenting choices now will translate when the boys are teens.

  4. Congratulations!
    We have a two year old reacting in pretty much the same way over here, but I suppose I don’t have to let her go out into the world on her own and I can still put her on the naughty chair. Good luck with it all!

  5. Lovin’ the baby pose at top there.

    And teenagers, what can anyone say – it’s tough for them and it’s tough for us. Here’s hoping we all survive!

    Thinking about you lots and hoping things are going alright.

  6. Congrats to both you and Hannah! It’s been months since I’ve visited your blog (thank you exploding computer). What a wonderful pic and a beautiful beautiful name.

    Best wishes to you and yours.

  7. Great to have a picture update of Aubry!
    And just remember that hormones are a drug that is rushing through the veins of that teenaged boy. Glad he still shows a sense of humor from time to time. Keeses. N2

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