It isn’t that I don’t have anything to say, it is that I have too much to say, and no way to put it all in writing without sounding like some kind of a lunatic. More than usual, I mean. I am here, trust me, and alive, and there are good things happening in the midst of yet one more family crisis. This alone is tremendous progress for me in that I can still very much see the sweetness and blessings of life, rather than get sucked into the negative. Well, for this MOMENT anyway! But rest assured, I am here, I am reading all of you lovely people and thinking of you, and this all will make sense someday-RIGHT?


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  1. I am always happy to see that a new post is up from you. Thanks for dropping by my little corner from time to time. Sending you hugs from here (which is France at the moment). Love, N2

  2. I love to hear progress and happiness even if chaos is still there. Take care of yourself, and just speaking for me, anytime you want to toss out a picture of that lil cutie I’ll take it as a sign things are ok but harried 🙂

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