Friday Fragments Pre-Holiday Edition

Mommy's Idea

***I apparently have the slightest caffeine addiction. The other woman at work likes to make the coffee really, really weak, and I can’t stand it. Figured out that if I add one of those instant coffee packets from Starbucks to my travel mug, it helps considerably. Of course, it doesn’t really taste all that great, but who cares?

***We went bowling for our company Christmas party this week, and at one point Sam was doing this fabulous Michael Jackson dance, complete with the moonwalk and crotch grab. At the lane next to us, there were three teenaged boys and Sam turned around to find them all watching. Of course he was mortified, until one of them started dancing, too. It was very sweet.

***Also at the same party, the other women with us were laughing about how terribly spoiled Aubry is (and I am not EVEN going to go into my diatribe about how you can’t spoil a 3 month old baby!), yet they took turns holding her in between turns. Even after she was asleep.

***I filed a complain with the Better Business Bureau regarding the whole Kmart situation. Even after notifying them that I had, even after I got an email from the BBB letting me know they had notified Kmart that a complaint had been filed, the only response I got was a blank email.

***I am not going delve deeply into my money issues right now, and the only reason I say anything at all is that I got an email from Child Support Services letting me know that Sam’s dad quit his job, so the obviously can’t garnish his wages. Yes, right before Christmas. I sent him an email reminding him that quitting his job did not mean he was no longer responsible for paying child support. In return, he called me yesterday to tell me that I would be getting my “f*cking money” when he felt like sending it. He also told me that I had no right allowing Sam to talk to him “that way” in an email to him (remember months and months ago when Sam wrote his dad telling him that he was angry with him for, you know, DISAPPEARING out of his life for three years and that he didn’t trust him? Yeah, thatemail), and threw in the “You are such a f*cking c*nt” bit in several times. When I told him very gently (for me) that it is perhaps time to talk about terminating his rights completely he said that he doesn’t care because then he won’t have to pay child support. Because, you know, he has paid so steadily and faithfully all these years. And isn’t it so nice that he has been visited by the holiday spirit (yes, that was sarcasm)?

***I think I have finally perfected my sourdough start AND two recipes, one for bread and the other for pancakes. Owen last night ate 4 pancakes and two fried eggs (“with the yellow stuff slimy, please). I am in charge of taking Dutch Oven Sourdough bread to a family party on Sunday; let’s hope my good luck with it lasts until then!

***I am not nearly ready for Christmas, and am in fact so stressed out about a variety of things that I am to the point where I wish I could climb in bed and keep my eyes closed until it is over. So if any of you have some extra thoughts, simply, of peace, please send them in my direction. I could sure use some of yours, since mine is gone.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Fragments Pre-Holiday Edition

  1. Definitely seeing some peace your way. You deserve it especially after dealing with Sam’s dad and the stress of the holidays. I hope you have a nice weekend and your holiday is a peaceful one.

  2. It must be that time of year. I also got a letter from Maintenance support because my ex chose this time of year to not have any money…ok, yes, I’m feeling sorry for myself. That was going to be Christmas presents for my kids…

  3. Poor you and poor Sam. Hoping Santa brings you peace.

    The coffee thing is funny, I’m a coffee wimp so I have some family members who have the same complaint when I make it!

  4. In Colorado you can’t just terminate your rights as a parent. My daughters sperm donar said the same thing so that he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Seriously, these guys (I was going to say men but since they are not) are the slime of the Earth!
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas! I will be thinking about you all!

  5. And then there’s me with coffee… I drank some yesterday at 9:30am and … was still up at 1am. Sad, I know.

    Bummer on how things are going right now with money and child support and K-MART! But here’s hoping that with some luck and creativity, things work out. I’m going with my deep breathing for a couple minutes each morning and night. And the allowance of 5 minutes a day to do *nothing* and not feel guilty about it.

  6. Did you close comments on your Kmart post? I tried to comment but couldn’t find the usual comment link.

    Well, if I can’t leave an anti Kmart rant, then I will at least send you peaceful vibes…

    vibe vibe vibe

    I love strong coffee, think 3 mo old babies all deserve to be spoiled, love me some runny eggs and think that any man who skips out on child support is a TOOL.

    You, however, are awesome.

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