To update you all, it has been the week from hell in more ways than one. At work this lovely Friday afternoon, if the phone rings one more everloving time I am going to rip my hair out by the roots and then sit down and cry. At home, if there is one more conflict, one more fight over the DS, whose turn it is at Candlyfuckingland, or who threw the dirty clothes on the floor next to the dirty clothes basket, I am going to lose it. If it rains and freezes and rains again, I am going to lose it, most likely AFTER I fall on my ass one more time.

Sigh. That being said, I am actually fine. Just a long week, one of those ones that seems to have lasted approximately a thousand days. It is the weekend in a few hours, I can sleep in a smidgen, hopefully write a long overdue letter to a friend, and all will be well.



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  1. Boy do I hear you! I have seriously considered calling home this afternoon to ask my husband to suggest that my daughter make herself scarce before I get home from work! I’m about || this close to blowing my top and letting it ALL go flying!

  2. We’re having weird weather to the north of you, as well…Sub-zero for days, and now a huge meltoff with temps in the 40s that has left everything treacherous and icy. I fell while walking our dog two nights ago, and keep waiting to see the bruise that will explain why it hurts so bad!

    Hang in there, and be good to yourself this weekend 🙂

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