Friday Fragments 03/04/11

 Mommy's Idea

***I am in love with March. Today is sunny for the first time in weeks, and even though it is still chilly and the ground is frozen yet, March gives me hope. Everything just feels more possible now, more hopeful.

***Sam makes his acting debut next week; he is in the high school Drama Club presentation of Oklahoma! He is an extra, of course, but he does have three lines, as well as takes part in several of the the song and dance numbers. It has been really fun for him, even though it is an incredible amount of work. I think by time the play is over (they do six performances starting on Wednesday), he will be exhausted and ready for a break though.

***February was a big month for Hannah. She got engaged on Valentine’s Day to a really, really lovely young man, NOT Aubry’s daddy. Aubry’s daddy also filed custody papers, which meant Hannah has had her first experience with the legal aspect of  all of this (I think it is going to work out just fine for all concerned, especially since he hasn’t seen Aubry but once since just after Halloween, and is, we ALL think, just trying to be ugly to Hannah). Last, but not least, she has opened her first ever checking account. I think she is finally getting antsy to graduate and move on with her own life.

***We have all been walking around the house calling Owen “Oedipus.” I will say it is a little flattering; I haven’t been called sweet, beautiful, nice, etc…nor have I been kissed so much in years. “I just love you so much, my beautiful mama.”  I remember all my boys going through this at about this age though, and I know it surely isn’t going to last, so I am just enjoying it while I can.

I haven’t participated in Friday Fragments for a long time, so am out of practice; for more interesting fragments, visit Half Past Kissin’ Time