Friday Fragments

***Today is a better day than yesterday, that is for damn sure. Not because anything has changed in terms of circumstances, but because I have. It’s just money. And while it’s not as if I have so much extra that this isn’t going to be a burden (of course it is going to be),it’s that I can spend a whole lot of time and energy being upset about it, but it sure doesn’t change the fact. There are moments, and I know well that there will be other moments, but I know this: the more upset and angry I get, the more HE has control over my life. And didn’t I divorce the dude so he would no longer have control of my life? At least in part?

***I have to add that part of my changed view this morning has to do with the realization that I am not alone in this. While it isn’t as if Steve is raking in the big bucks either, I am not the SOLE provider of all four kids. And that makes it easier to bear.

***I am not typically one to praise my own looks, but I have to say I look kind of cute these days. Because this time, my belly is poking out in front and up high, and my ass hasn’t gotten any bigger yet. I have passed the “Is she pregnant or just fat?” stage, and that makes me happy. I am slightly alarmed at how obviously pregnant I am for just over five months though; I may develop whale-like proportions.

***My second dress arrived last night, and at least I don’t hate it. I did not get a maternity one this time, just a bigger size, and that was the trick. It will need some altering (for the first time in years, my boobs are not the biggest part on my body!), in the bodice and length, but I think it will work just fine. While I don’t looooove it, I might come to after it fits properly. It’s all good.

***Several times this week, we have gotten calls from a mortgagee to verify insurance. This particualr company must have recently outsourced this bit of business to India, becuase I can hardly understand them. And it annoys me to no end. When you pick up the phone, there is a long hiss before the person actually speaks, and I sit there and say “Hello? Hello?” feeling like an idiot. And then I hang up just as they start to talk, so they have to call back and start the whole cycle over. So frustrating for everyone involved.

***In case anyone may have doubted it because I don’t talk about her much, I adore that little grandbaby of mine. She is so precious I want to eat her, I really do. Want to know what the most amazing thing is? She seems to feel the same way about me. She is a tiny little thing, her dad and mom both being rather petite individuals, but she has got sumo wrestler thighs and a double chin in spite of her tininess. Cracks me up. And I have never seen a baby nurse the way she does, on her knees with a hand on either side of Hannah’s breast. Kills me every time.

There were a whole bunch of other things swirling around in my head this morning, but I can’t remember what the rest of them were. Check out Mrs.4444 for other fragmenters with better memories!


8 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Well it has been too long since I have caught up with you.
    A baby; how amazing! A wedding; how beautiful!
    I wish you all the best life has to offer.
    I just got one of those stupid judgement things too.
    Mine is from like 1992, are you effing kidding me. It is in my previously married name so I do not know what will happen but my husbands friend (an attorney) said if I send a letter of dispute every time I get something in the mail from them they cannot do anything. I wonder if it is like that in your state?
    Anyway have a happy and blessed Easter!

  2. I’ve never heard of nursing like that, either, but it sounds really cute. I think it’s awesome that Hannah’s daughter and your baby will be close in age; they’ll be good friends, no doubt.

    Glad you’re feeling and looking well. I always felt terrific when I was pregnant (unless you count the bedrest part, and the part when I …. never mind…)

  3. I feel bad that I have not commented lately, I have been reading and thinking about you and your bun in the oven! I hope you’re feeling well, and I’m glad that you are firmly into the ‘pregnant not fat’ stage. I hope that you will be posting at least one photo of the wedding so we can see you and your dress! Sending happy, healthy vibes your way.

  4. You should take a picture of that baby nursing, just for Hannah’s memories. I got portraits of Boy nursing- best thing I think I did to hold onto that memory.

    I’m with Rachael- I’d love to see the dress, and I bet you’re adorable pregnant.

    May the zen be with you!

  5. Hi Kori. Congrats on the pregnancy and the marriage. I feel like I have not been here in forever because this was all new to me. And I just read about the garnishment BS and I am truly sorry. I wish your ex would step up and take care of this for you but if he was a good guy I am sure he would not be an ex. Take care.

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