Apparently this is post 500 on this old blog, and I am nowhere closer to figuring out what direction it is going to take than I was when I last wrote.  And maybe I need to stop thinking about it and just write, because I get too mired down in the “I don’t know what to say” pit and end up never writing anything. Believe me, this lack of writing is not good for my psyche-which we all know is not the best of psyches at ANY given time.

So I am just going to jump right in with this: I am so tired of reading blogs about people who actually go to hotels when their air conditioning is out that I could just scream. Really? You have that kind of money that you can spend a week at varying hotels because you are too hot? We do have three different AC units in our windows at home, and I AM grateful, don’t get me wrong. But it would never in a million years occur to me to go to a hotel because they broke. And yes, it does  get quite hot here, thankyouverymuch.

Oh, and this: that Jared Loughner person who went on the shooting rampage? Yes, I think he should be forced to take his medication in order to be deemed competent to stand trial. I am also quite annoyed, nay, pissed that he is described as the person who shot Congresswoman Gifford. Yes, that was absolutely horrible, I will not argue. But he shot her and she lives; what about those people who did not? They should be named in every news story, every article, in which this person is mentioned.

Sam is spending two weeks at camp this year; we took him on Sunday to catch the bus up to camp, and we got our first letters from him yesterday. He said the bus ride sucked because it was long and made his butt and back sweat, and that was about the extent of his information. We sent him three cards today, he should get them tomorrow, which means he will get dunked three times in the lake, one per card. I joke but I am really glad that he was able to go for two weeks this year. He had such a good time last year, and I think it is a really good opportunity for him to be able, quite simply, to be Sam for a while.

Aubry is ten months old, and I get to babysit her tonight for only the second time EVER tonight. I can’t fault Hannah because she simply takes the baby everywhere with her, unless she (A) is with her dad. Still, I have to say  that I frankly think she has been pretty selfish, hogging her all to herself the way she does. I am pretty excited about having her for a few hours all to myself. They still live with us and all, but silly Hannah thinks she needs to be The Mom or something so I don’t get much hands-on time with her. I can’t wait.

Every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of Steve’s ring and it still takes me by surprise, that we are married. Maybe it shouldn’t be much diferent than living together was, but it just is. And I struggle sometimes, I’ll be honest with you. I don’t know how to be a wife, not really, and I feel a lot of times like I am floundering. There are a lot of things to work through, to talk about, a lot of old ghosts to try to banish, and it has been a learning experience to say the least.

Well. Not much of a 500th post, but it’s all I’ve got for the day. Still, something is better than


6 thoughts on “500

  1. Have fun with Aubry! You sound so proud of Hannah and what a good mom she is, that’s fabulous.

    I’m glad you’re still writing and hope you’re around for another 500 and beyond.

  2. It’s good to hear from you no matter what you say. Enjoy baby time! I’m actually impressed with the fact that Hannah assumes responsibility for Aubry despite still living at home. Kudos to her. But I’m sure your hands get itchy lol.

  3. This was a perfect 500 post! It’s who you are! Enjoy Aubrey! Good to hear that Hannah is such a hands on mama. Trust me … it’s far better than having an adult child who wants to be a Disneyland mama but otherwise free of the responsibility that comes with parenting!

    When is YOUR baby due?

  4. Who raised that selfish Hannah not to share!?!

    Marriage comes in all shapes and sizes. Just find the one that fits you both. Wife Schmife.


    hope you’re feeling well

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