Friday Fragments-The Welcome Back Edition

Mommy's Idea

***Sam is going as Lady Gaga for Halloween this year; wearing his sister’s homecoming dress, her black “hooker boots,” and a blond wig, he is totally rockin’ the look. There was a dance at school today-he was wondering how his girlfriend (a new development, by the way) was going to feel dancing with a chick. Me, I am wondering how she will feel knowing her boyfriend is hotter than she is.

***I have decided that when Eli is dating someone, he is no longer allowed to bring her home. Both times he has dated a girl seriously enough to have her spend time here, I have fallen in love with them myself and then when they break up, I am devastated. He picks such nice, nice girls!

***Steve has taken to calling Josie “Joey,” which seems very fitting. When I carry her around in her sling I definitely feel like a mama kangaroo! I have never had or used a sling before, but I think I would go crazy without one now. A friend called her a “velcro baby” and boy, is that true!

***Speaking of Steve, he has been working a second job during harvest for a little extra cash. He has been wanting a goose blind for hunting, and earlier this week I was sure he was going to come home with one. Instead, he came home with a bunch of new clothes for Josie, including a lovely blessing/baptism dress. He is just a little besotted with his baby girl!

***I have been praying about a particular situation for the last month, praying for answers, praying for knowledge, praying for God to just tell me what to do already! The past couple of weeks, in talking with friends (I love text messaging, by the way) and family, I have gotten a glimpse of my answer, but this afternoon I got pretty clear direction about what I need to do. My reaction? “Oh, really God? Are you SURE?” Sheesh, I have SUCH an alcoholic mind!

***There was a Harvest Party last night at Owen’s school, complete with poorly organized trick or treating through the classrooms. We waited so long and it was SO crowded that we actually ended up leaving before it started; Owen said he was just too tired to stand any longer. We came home and he fell asleep at 7:30 without eating dinner, and crawled into our bed in the wee hours burning up. I hate that he feels so bad, but it has been a nice, quiet day hanging out at home with him.

Ah, it is good to be back, truly. Special thanks to Mrs.4444 for coming up with Friday Fragments; I have missed them!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments-The Welcome Back Edition

  1. Welcome back and congratulations on your beautiful little angel. I cannot even imagine your dilemna with daycare [yes I can I have been there a long time ago] Thank God he watched over all of you and all is well:)

  2. Congrats again on everything. Hope you guys have a great Halloween, and nice job of Steve for hooking up Josie with some new threads. I also hope you find the answer you are looking for with your situation.

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