Home Again Home Again

My dad gave me a present yesterday; he started by asking me if I am going to write now that I am not going to be working (apparently my sister mentioned something about it), and when I replied that yes, I hope to, he said he had something that might help me along. When I followed him out to the car, he had a laptop for me. He bought it new for some program he needed for his milling machine, but for some reason it wasn’t compatible with the programs and he ended up getting a new one. Therefore, I am now the proud owner of a laptop, one he said that the kids are not allowed to touch. I am so excited I can hardly stand it, seriously.

My dad also gave Eli two of his remote control airplanes that he built some years ago, which is way cool and very unexpected. He has always liked Eli, and it was neat to see the two of them interact. Dad buys cars on eBay (he has two Jaguars and a Porsche, can you imagine?), and apparently he and Eli are going to “build” a car next summer. I have never had a close relationship with my dad for too many reasons to go into, but I do love him, and I love that he and Eli are close. He was telling us all a story about Eli when he was a toddler and it just made me really happy that he would have paid attention to something like that and then remembered it all these years.

It was good to see dad, and also good to see everyone else. Three of my four sisters were there with their families, and my mom and her boyfriend, dad, and grandma. It was remarkably relaxed, everyone seemed to have a good time, and we ate so much food that it was almost disturbing (though that goes without saying, right?). Steve and the kids and I stayed at my grandma’s house-it was nice, of course, because we all love her, but also sad in that she is just getting old. She has that closed captioning on her TV because she can’t hear very well (though will deny it despite all evidence to the contrary), and we were carrying on conversations around her and she would smile and nod but it was obvious she had no idea what was being  said. She was just glad we were there, I think, happy to still be important. It was a little weird this morning when she made breakfast for us; there were carrots involved, and that’s all I am going to say about that.

Now we are home, the older kids home long enough to get their things gathered up to go to friends’ houses for the night. It feels like Sunday, so it excites me that the weekend has just started. Steve is in the kitchen where he belongs making more basque bread, and the boys are sort of hanging around being glad to be home. Josie seems to be getting happier to be in the world, so she is propped up on her Boppy next to me, smiling. I feel very contented today, very much in the moment and grateful all the way around.


3 thoughts on “Home Again Home Again

  1. I’m so thrilled you had a great Thanksgiving! Congratulations on the laptop. I hope you get lots of good use out of it. It’s great that Steve is a good cook. May you all have a lovely, blessed weekend. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. bonus on the laptop -I’m sure it will find great use in your hands! It is nice to see that relationship between your dad and Eli-very sweet.

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