I have spent the morning taking some online proficiency tests and working on my profile for    some potential online jobs. I heard about a couple of reputable online places that hire freelance workers, so I thought it would be a good idea to get going on that. I actually just applied for my first job, so it will be interesting to see if I get it. The pay isn’t GREAT, but I wouldn’t expect it to be just starting out, and doing piecework like this. Still, I have to start somewhere, and a little bit of money coming in is better than none.

It has been a rather productive morning all the way around.  I have begun the process of actively looking for work, doing a few small things to refine my existing skills and making a list of other things I need to learn. All this while laundry is going and last night’s pans are soaking in the sink, and at one point I was working while Josie nursed. That in itself makes me very happy, really, as I think I have mentioned that she is something of a high-needs baby. How lovely to be in the comfort of our own home, where she be held and nursed to sleep to her heart’s content, where the sling is handy and her toys can be scattered around on the floor nearby. I have coffee at hand, and one of the dogs is keeping my feet warm, and I certainly never had this at the office!

It feels really good to have taken steps, real and concrete steps, toward making this work. I  think I have needed the last month to process the enormity of quitting my job in order to be home with the baby, as well as move in a completely different direction in terms of life work. We all know how poorly I weather change, even positive change, so it feels as if I have been graced, today, with calmness and direction. It’s a small start, but-a start.

3 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Go you! Here’s hoping that this is a good beginning leading to a better middle and an awesome ending. It’s hard to believe sometimes how the little details we attend to really start to snowball. Good luck!

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