Friday Fragments

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***It feels like the Apocalypse here right now. We have fires burning all around us,extreme heat and let me tell you, if I believed in zombies I might be worried they were going to start coming out of the smoke to kill us. Since I don’t, I really only have to bitch about the ash everywhere and try not to breathe too deeply. It does kind of feel like end-times though.

***Under the category of ends, Josh’s service will be on Tuesday. It is a little strange; the announcement on Facebook (and don’t get me started on that one) says,”Services will be here at this time, but SEATING IS LIMITED.” I get that, the church is small and Josh had a lot of friends, but it sounds a little but like an advertisement for a concert or something. I don’t know why that bothers me, but there you go.

***The police have finished the investigation of the accident and between that and witness statements, the other driver was speeding and veered over into Josh’s lane and they collided head on. Please God that he did not have time to be afraid, and that he was gone or at least unaware when the vehicle caught on fire. I can’t get the image out of my mind.

***We had a playdate yesterday with a potential new friend. We met her when we hosted the Japanese girls a couple of weeks ago, and we had enough in common to form an almost instant bond. I was terribly nervous and even debated about what we should all wear, for God’s sake, but it was fine. We may even have a second playdate. It cracks me up that I am even talking about playdates; next thing you know I will be driving a minivan and my transformation to SAHM will be complete.

***Josie decided that it would be delightful to get all four teeth (two bottom, two top) within the same two-week period. Her top ones are not quite through but her gums are so swollen it looks like they may burst. Needless to say, this has not been *quite* so delightful for me.

***In the midst of all of this sadness and stress (can anyone say CUSTODY FIGHT?) in Hannah’s life right now, she also had to start her classes at the Cosmetology School this week. My poor sweet girl.

***Two post in the same week….maybe this means I am starting to get my blogging mojo back!

Thank you, Mrs.4444 for your wonderful Friday Fragments. It is always a great way to jump right back in!

3 thoughts on “Friday Fragments

  1. Aw, poor little Josie (and Mommy). Wish I could take her from you for a little while (like, maybe 5 minutes, cuz I know that teething babies are no fun!haha) Sad story, about that young man; sorry to hear that. I also hope you are safe and that you have some CLEAN air soon!!

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