Christmas is over and it looks like a bomb hit my house. We were so busy on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day that I did not have a chance to do much more than pick up, so when I woke up this morning I was confronted with the detritus of holiday merrymaking. It is a little bit daunting, to say the least.

Today started off on a sour note; Eli got off work at 5 this morning, which necessitated me leaving the house at 4:30. In the morning, if you didn’t catch that. Now, I will be the first to say I am a morning person; sleeping in until 7:00 is like sleeping until noon for most people. I am typically up by five-thirty at the latest, but I am certainly not up and out of the house by then. It had been snowing, so I was going to leave the house a little early in case the roads were bad; went out to start the car and nothing. It wanted to start, it really did, but just couldn’t. I wondered if it might be out of gas (our fuel sensor hs been out for months and months, so we just go by our odometer; it said I still had fifty miles on the tank) but I didn’t have time to put any in it so I just took Hannah’s car (she stayed with us through the holidays). Got Eli picked up and back to the jail on time, and then texted Steve to see if he  could put gas in the car for me. He came back with “I couldn’t hear the pump trying to cycle when I tried to start it so I think the fuel pump went out.” Great. Juuuuust great.

But funny, I have been in my Zen space all week and I was like, huh. Not great news, we don’t have the money right now for major car repairs, but you know? It’s all good. And it was. It has snowed all day, and Josie is sick, a croupy wheezy cough and fever that requires large amounts of snuggling and nursing. Hannah and Sam left to go get Aubry from her Dad’s and then make room at Hannah’s apartment for all the toys, so Owen and Josie and I were ensconced in the cozy house all day with nowhere we had to be. I slowly began to put the house back in order (three sinks full plus a full dishwasher load of dishes!), Owen went out to shoot his new BB gun and then came back in to get warm and play with his new Playdough set and then back out to shoot (God help my robins), and it was a lovely day. Not the same peace I had over Christmas, but peace of a different kind. I wasn’t worried about the car and how much it was going to cost, wasn’t worried overly about anything in fact, and simply enjoyed the day.

Steve even got to come home earlier than usual; he wanted to see if he could figure out it was the fuel pump for sure, because we actually have a spare one he could take to the shop to have put in, for a lot less than buying one through the shop. He was out in the garage banging around like men in fixing mode do, and then it got really, really quiet. Turns out? The car was just out of gas.


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  1. Loving that you’re posting again. Loving that you’re able to let it go and let it be. I try to subscribe to that attitude as often as possible, and am glad when I am able to. Things just work out in the end. Yay for being out of gas. No expensive repairs AND a funny story to go with it.

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