Snow and Sickness

We have been a sickly house all week, one after another being felled by this virus. It is quick, relatively, with high fevers for a couple of days (and let me add that there is nothing quite like that panicky feeling of seeing 104.1 on the baby) and then a lingering soreness and coughing and the flotsam and jetsam of a bad cold. The house is littered with used tissues and five different kinds of medicine and the smell of Vick’s and today I finally started a load of laundry after god knows how long. This is problematic in the sense that hey, we have a household of six right now but no one is complaining; we have stayed in jammies the better part of the week.

We are somewhat snowed in as well; Aubry had to stay with her other granny last night because I did not want Hannah driving to pick her up, and because I just could not bear the idea of getting into the car and going to get her and bringing her into our house of contagion. Eli stayed in town with friends, and Steve had to stay all night in Utah because the roads were closed. I could leave if I wanted to; I have a four-wheel drive so would be able to get out of the driveway, but why? There is nothing I need.

So it snows and blows and I wait to hear that my husband has made it through safely, and even though they are not 100% better yet the little boys are bundled up and playing in the snow. They would not have been able to go back to school today anyway because of illness, but the schools are closed so I am letting them have their snow day. They will come in cold and coughing like mad and there will be alphabet soup and hot chocolate. The baby and I still have the fever so she has been snuggling and nursing like a newborn again and I drink cups and cups of herbal tea and orange juice and oh has water ever tasted this good? So there will be naps later, I am sure, and the day will pass. There are things to be done, a package waiting to be mailed and laundry to be done and dishes, dishes, dishes, but they will all be there tomorrow, too.

So many times I have been grateful for being given the chance to stay home, and now to work from home, and this week is a perfect example; I could not have gone in to work at all this week both because of the kids and myself. Such a blessing to simply be able to be here and take care of my babies, myself. I am looking at the snow through the windows and I can’t see the driveway and I don’t have to worry about being fired for being sick, for having sick kids. It doesn’t make illness any more fun, but it is certainly less stressful, and that is no small thing.