Frustration abounds these days. We got news that we were unexpectedly going to be closing on the house; not unexpected in the sense that we did not know we were buying it, but in that it was sooner than we thought. So we finished getting all of the paperwork gathered together and got ready for the appraiser to come in and then we waited. And waited. Finally talked to the Realtor yesterday and the appraisal came back low. Like, significantly lower than we had anticipated and much lower than the asking price of the house. This would be good for us, obviously, except….yes. Except. There are also a couple of cosmetic issues with the house that need addressed before we can close.

Now we are waiting again, to see if the seller is willing to come down in price. Which we believe she is, but what we are not sure of is whether her bank will be okay with it. Don’t know how much she still owes on it, you see, and for some reason she didn’t know either. We are supposed to hear by tomorrow, which really means by next week sometime, so it’s more waiting. A flurry of activity, followed by waiting, isn’t that always how it works?

The good thing is that we are already approved for a loan in the amount of the asking price of this house. So, worst case scenario  we start looking for another one.  The thing is, I want this house. We chose this house, have been leasing it with an intent to purchase agreement, and I would be so sad if we have to find a different one. We have made this our home, you know? Besides the fact that we love it, I will be pissed as hell if we basically lose all of the money we have invested in it already. Not in terms of things we have done, we have been prohibited from doing anything permanent until we close, but just in living here. We have been making the seller’s house payment, with a percentage going toward the down payment, which  we have down to less than $1,000 now, and all that will be gone and we would have to start over somewhere else. Yes, it can be done. We have made a lot of sacrifices to get this far and we can continue to do it in a different place, but of course that isn’t the point.

So I am trying to keep busy with work, which I had put on hold because there was all this stuff to take care of, and with the garden (that I hope I will get to see come to fruition!), and the lawn, and I sit and wait. And hope.