Dusting Off…Again

The last few days I have had reason to look through some old posts on this blog, and I realized how much I have missed it. I have been writing for pay, you know, such wonderful things as how to grow/harvest/dry marijuana, the average cost of cosmetic surgery, and even some really compelling stuff about rats and termites. Living the dream, you know. It’s not the same as writing here, though, and I miss the community, the friends, the day-to-day details of my life down in black and white.

I haven’t decided if I will continue on with this particular blog. After all, it chronicles so much of my earlier me, my single-momness and my craziness and so much freaking drama that I almost don’t recognize some of it. At the same time, though, who I am not is largely dependent on who I used to be, just (marginally) better. I guess the thing to do is just write, and listen to those little voices that tell me what to do next.

Question, though-Google reader is obsolete, right? so is there another reader I can use? I miss all my old blog friends, and I know not everyone is still around but I also know that blogging is not dead. Suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Dusting Off…Again

  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw your name pop up in my Reader. (see what I did there… I’ve been using Feedly since Google shut down.) I do hope you start writing again.

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