I wait too long between posting and all this stuff happens and I never know where to start. So, tonight I am simply going to write about the thing I have been thinking about the most today, which is essential oils. Kind of random, right? But not really, you just don’t have the pleasure (said VERY tongue in cheek!) of living in my head.

I have been using a few different oils for a while now, and when I cut the crap out of finger and needed stitches awhile back my mother-in-law gave me some Melrose. It significantly improved the healing time AND left a lot less of a scar than the doctor predicted. Like, a LOT. So for a variety of reasons, I started doing some research and trying different oils and I have to say, I am a convert (much like I am to Brazilian waxing, which is the topic of an entirely different post!).

So, right before Christmas I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is pretty much a shitty diagnosis. I mean, it’s not cancer or something completely horrible, but still, it’s pretty crappy. I have been processing the whole thing and recognize that I have probably had this for literally years, but I truly believe that my mom’s death kind of propelled it forward, if that makes sense. All this time and I thought I was just really having a hard time coping. Which is probably also true, come to think of it.

At any rate, there is significant pain involved in this disorder, and because of my 12-step program I am really reluctant to take any type of prescription pain reliever. Also? I am waaaaay too young to start on the cycle of prescription pain pills and anti-anxiety crap. Plus I think it’s really bad for my body. At this point anyway. So I have been trying some different essential oil blends and combinations and let me tell you, that shit works.

The weird thing is that I am (or was) a total skeptic so it’s not like my mind thinks it works so it does. But I used a pain-relieving blend mixed with a couple of other oils and I could literally feel the pain receding. Like, I was standing in the kitchen talking to the boys and it was like a trickle of pain running down my body and out through my feet. I know how it sounds-I really do. Like I am just another whackjob jumping on the bandwagon. But let me tell you, guys, it’s like witchcraft or something.

I have been using one company in particular for purchasing my oils, but I also have kinds from two other companies. One blog I have been following has done an incredible amount of research about the different companies and she also uses this company, but I have to be honest and say that I think the oils are pretty interchangeable. Maybe I will change my mind after more use, but at this point, I haven’t noticed any major benefits from one company over another. I did love all of the information provided by the blog series, though, and I think anyone who is interested should go read all of the parts of the series (and no, I don’t know this woman so I am not plugging a friend, nor am I a spokesperson for the company-it’s just common courtesy to link back, right?).

Another interesting thing besides the incredible relief from the pain (and no, it does not make it all go away-but it is bearable, which is more than okay with me!) is that I also got an oil called Trauma Gone. I have used it a couple of times and it has been-well. Let me just say that it has caused all sorts of dreams/almost nightmares. Stuff I can’t even really recall, but the kind of dreams that make me sweat and mumble and thrash according to my husband. I thought it was a coincidence so I stopped using it and they immediately stopped. I am assuming that the oil helps bring up things I need to work through, but there is no feeling of peace like there is “supposed” to be. I have stopped using it for the time being, because I have a hard enough time sleeping as it is. But I am curious to know, have any of you had an experience like this with an essential oil?

So. There you have it. My thoughts today have been about these oils, and the different ways I might be able to use them to help heal my body and my mind, and whether or not I really am as crazy as this all makes me sound.