Finally! A Friday Fragments Post!

 Mommy's Idea

It seems like a long time since I have participated in Mrs.4444’s Friday Fragments, but I hope you all have been reading the others who have been! 

***Sam tried out for and got a solo part in the annual Patriotic Program for school.  He is also one of a trio, and I couldn’t be prouder.  His big debut is on March 10th-but do you think I can get him to practice?  Maybe his future as the next Jim Carrey isn’t set after all.

***After several of my friends recommended I watch Sicko, I finally did.  It didn’t so much make me angry as it made me incredibly sad.  I think I need to watch it again to get the full effect, and then I need to get a new passport and move to another country.  Heartbreaking.

***I am doubly glad for have gotten a full eight hours of sleep the night of the day I was sick-because I haven’t slept for shit since.  Part of the problem last night was our backyard neighbor; she, um, how does one tactfully put this, “entertains” a lot.  Different men.  All.through.the.night.  She is either hooking or dealing, I think (and hey, we live in America, right?  Free enterprise and all?), and even that wouldn’t bother me so much if all of her “visitors” had mufflers on their vehicles.  Or knew how to use their “it is the middle of the night in a neighborhood with lots of kids” voices. 

***I have noticed that men seem to be really attracted to me lately.  The problem with this?  Old men.  Men with no teeth, wi years of cigarette smoke embedded into their clothing, men who smell faintly of urine.  They are all my customers (not to be confused with the “clients” of my backyard neighbor, mind you), and they come in to show me their coin collections, to talk politics (um, a slight problem: they are old, conservative Republicans.  And I can’t really “talk” politics with them here in the office, because for some reason the boss frowns upon calling people bigoted, small-minded asshats.  Can’t figure that one out.  You would think that having to listen and be polite to people who still think it is okay to talk about the n***er in the White House would warrant an ass chewing, but no), to tell me about their grandchildren.  Since I am not a basically kind person as a general rule, the only thing I can think is these poor fellows must just be desperately lonely; it makes me feel sad for them.

***I am back on a self-imposed news moratorium.  On Wednesday morning I had to listen to how funding for our after school programs is not going to be available next year, and yesterday morning had to hear about how something like 44% of the teachers/school administrators in Idaho got raises last year.  This doesn’t compute for me.  This morning, when I yelled, “Hells yeah” when I heard President Obama chastise McFuck by saying,”But we aren’t on the campaign trail anymore, Senator,” everyone in the house turned to look at me and I very meekly turned off the TV.

***And how cool is this?  There is actually going to be a blogging conference close enough to where I live that I might actually get to go!  Plus one of my favorite bloggers is speaking there; I am pretty sure I would have to be a fool not to go, since BlogHer and such is WAY out of reach for me.  Anyone else going?

All right, then, now that you are done with me, head over to see who else is purging today over at Half Past Kissin’ Time.


13 thoughts on “Finally! A Friday Fragments Post!

  1. Sicko made me sad too…and then I was overcome with anger. I guess what makes it worse is that people are still OBLIVIOUS to what the health care industry is really like. I guess they won’t get mad until they are getting screwed over and their medical files are being combed through searching for any possible reason that they won’t have to pay the claim. It’s definitely SICK!

    I experienced the same type of elderly citizen you spoke of at my old job…except since I worked at a pharmacy I got to hear about all 245 health problems they had including their struggle to go #2. So at least you don’t have to hear about that…although if I had to choose I would choose my scenario any day over hearing old republicans spew their nonsense. 🙂

    Hope your weekend is fab!


  2. I am totally not watching the news again, either.

    I ALSO want to see Sicko, and thanks for the idea…the boys will be overnight at Grammas tomorrow night, and we are being treated to dinner by my FIL and his wife at a nice restaurant (You can bring the kids if you want, they said, which I OF COURSE said no way too…If I get to go to a nice supper club, I am gonna leave them sweet boys behind so I can actually ENJOY my meal rather than inhaling it!!) and I was going to then just go home and sleep for 14 hours straight, but I think I will try to rent SICKO and take the opportunity to watch that first, and THEN sleep for 14 hours straight.

    Best wishes to Sam!!! That is awesome!


  3. I started homeschooling this year, but I still go to the elementary school weekly for Girl Scouts.

    One thing that amazes me are all the children who have to stay after school for reading help!

    I agree teachers need a raise- I used to work in an elementary as a “special helper” to some kids…these teachers have tons of kids to contend with……many with “issues”.

    But is a raise going to help our public school issues? Doubtful!

    I’m glad there is a little space between our houses, and I own all the property behind me, then there’s a pond.

    My road is a little busy, but……………
    .-= Carolee´s last blog ..There’s Snow use cryin’ about it! =-.


  4. Yeah, I think you should FOR SURE come to the conference. An added bonus is that I found out one panel I’m on takes place in front of the entire conference, not just as an option while other things are going on. So you can watch me faint or get the giggles or ramble on not making sense 🙂

    And also, old men hit on me a lot too. Exactly the type you described. NOT flattering 🙂


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